Top 10 Sewing Posts of 2018

Top sewing posts of 2018 at AppleGreen Cottage - finally here! Here’s a look back at my most visited projects of 2018, the best free patterns, the most popular sewing projects - everything you loved most this year. Take a look!
Top sewing projects of 2018
Here’s a look back at my most visited projects of 2018, listed most popular 1st. These are the sewing posts and projects at AppleGreen Cottage you loved most in 2018! Want a sneak peek? I took a look at what you liked most and what you probably found the most useful part of AppleGreen Cottage. I'd love to give you more of that!

First, for those of you who like video tutorials, I've made a video slide-show to get the feeling of what was top stuff here in 2018:

Top 10 Sewing Posts

I'm starting with the absolute winner in 2018:

best sewing tutorials and free patterns at AppleGreen Cottage

This popular sewing tutorial has just skyrocketed this fall! Probably because it's so easy that it's doable even if one knows how to sew a straight stitch? Or because it only takes half an hour to make? I like both reasons!

Grab the NEW free 3-size template in PDF format -  I just added it last week:
free pattern

Top sewing projects of 2018 - the best sewing tutorials and free patterns at AppleGreen Cottage

This cute little basket is one of the things you've sewn most this year. I love seeing your images, and if you'd like to be featured in Applegreen Cottage newsletter, contact me, send me a message, tag me on IG or FB- I might post your image and send some people your way - win-win!

Get your free pattern if you haven't yet:
free sewing pattern

Top sewing projects of 2018 - the best sewing tutorials and free patterns at AppleGreen Cottage

This post went viral as soon as it was live, and last year it was on place #1 - and I feel so honored to offer sewing inspiration to so many people! I use this technique when I want to have really neat and tidy ends of a zipper on a pouch. Works every single time!

go to free tutorial

Top sewing posts - the best sewing projects

A great DIY present for kids that's easy and quick to make. Download your free pattern now:
free template for marble maze toy

Top sewing posts of 2018 - the best sewing projects and free patterns at AppleGreen Cottage in 2018. Check them out!

This free tutorial was my first really popular pattern ever on AppleGreen Cottage, and I am still emotionally attached to it. I have even kept the blue striped bandana bib as (blogging) keepsake, the very one from this picture!
free pattern baby bib

Top sewing posts
6) How To Sew A Soft Ball - FREE TEMPLATE

One of my best performing and most popular tutorials of all time, even after years! A while ago, I added a new free PDF sewing template to this tutorial, too. So feel free to use it if you'd like to make a soft baby ball like this one.
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top free patterns

I love Oliver + S. They make amazing patterns! Some time at the start of my blogging venture, I  bumped into this free pattern of theirs.  It fits perfectly. The rim is just the right size to protect from the sun yet not obstruct the view. And it does not keep falling off like other kid-sized hats.

I made a few extra and while sewing, realized I had used a shortcut, a simplification in the sewing process that made the project even easier. Why not share the little workaround to my readers? So I made the beginner-friendly tutorial. The result is the same as if you follow the original instructions. Why not make things easier, right?
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top free sewing projects

One of your favorites! If you're subscriber to my newsletter, you can access the free 3-size pattern in my FREEBIE Library using the password in my newsletter,  and download it again any time. If not, here's the link to the tutorial with the freebie, go check it out:

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free patterns AppleGreen Cottage

No more annoying knots on your handstitching!Love love love this little trick, and so did you! Take a look at the how-to here.

best sewing projects and free patterns

It's an easy sew pattern for beginners that only requires scrap fabric. One of my favorite projects! So cute, and easy to make - these must be the two main reasons this free pattern got so popular.

top sewing posts

I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful and fun stuff at AppleGreen Cottage, and there are many more patterns to come in 2019. Thanks SO MUCH for your support all these years. Nothing would be the same without you. Happy 2019, fellow crafters, and here's to new fun projects!

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 Best sewing projects of 2018 - top sewing tutorials and free patterns at AppleGreen Cottage in 2018. Check out all these popular and easy sewing projects!


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free pattern for a fabric hanging basket

Or ...go straight to one of my currently most popular PDF patterns - the gift bag pattern. 6 formats and sizes for all your gifts!

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