Halloween Home Decor Sewing - Treats Basket and Coin Purse

Halloween Home Decor Sewing - See what patterns I used to make this Treats Basket and the Coin Purse aka Halloween treasure pouch!
Halloween home decor sewing

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Want to see what I'm sewing this Halloween? I started early this year, and I've got all I need for trick-or-treating, even the costumes are finished, and home decor, too. Yey! It might have had something to do with my opportunity to test out the Haunted House fabric by Carta Bella this year, but I'm proud to say I've got you covered, Halloween! 

Here are two of my home decor pieces I've made but haven't shown elsewhere yet. One is made from a free pattern and the other one with one of my most popular patterns from my shop. Don't they make a perfect set?
Halloween home decor sewing project

Yep, that's all chocolate, and I admit I had a little snack just after editing this image. It seemed just right, lol!

Pattern used: Tria Coin Purse
Fabric: Apothecary Black from Carta Bella's Haunted House collection

I made the fabric basket and the purse using the Apothecary Black by Carta Bella, these little potion bottles are so cute! Not spooky at all, just so cute! I had a hard time cutting into the fabric, so I took a few additional before-sewing pics of it before. It was fun and it helped :) See how the zipper is pretending to be a Halloween bat?

coin purse pattern by AppleGreen Cottage

And then I took a few pictures AFTER sewing it up. 

coin purse pattern by AppleGreen Cottage

I've been thinking about attaching this little pouch as a treasure pouch to this DIY pirate costume outfit for my 6-year-old, but on second thought, I don't believe he needs an additional snack pouch when going trick-or-treating. It would look cute, though!

Halloween sewing project

And here's the other project I've had fun with, my treats basket:
diy treats basket
Pattern used: my FREE Hanging Basket Pattern
Pattern used for the basket: my FREE Hanging Basket Pattern
Background: Trick-or-Treat totes I made for my kids this year.

This is an adorable, small fabric basket I plan to place on the hallway side-table. It's a handy little DIY storage basket for wherever you need to store little items. 

Initially I planned to keep it closeby at my workdesk, but then I'd probably be snacking all day long. Hallway side table, you win! 

If you want to make your own fabric basket, follow this beginner sewing tutorial here at AppleGreen Cottage, and the free sewing pattern available for all subscribers to my free weekly newsletter. It includes the hanging strap template and the basic fabric basket you see here. Try it out!

I don't think these sweet treats I used as photo props will make it till Halloween, so I need to put some more on my shopping list :) 

What are you sewing for Halloween this year? Or do you stick to fall crafts? I always love to see what you make - Did you know you can post anything you've sewn in our FB group (JOIN HERE)? We're a friendly, creative bunch of people, join in!


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free pattern for a fabric hanging basket
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  1. Those look very cool, I admire your sewing skills! We love Halloween at our house, each year we prepare our own costumes and we take our daughter trick or treating, it's a magical time when all of us are together and having fun. This year my daughter wants to be a spider, so I guess I will have to use the glue more than the needle.