15+ Cutest Diy Christmas Gifts For Kids

15+ cutest Diy Christmas gifts for kids - If you'd like to make Christmas feel really special for a child or grandchild, these easy sewing ideas might be just what you are looking for! Like my last year's diy gift ideas list, nearly all sewing projects include a sewing pattern or template to make it super easy for you to sew it. Check them out and choose your favorite.
Diy Christmas gifts for kids

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If you are looking for fun and easy-to-sew Christmas presents for kids, this is the list to look at. Here's something for every age group, baby, toddler, school age up to teens. Scroll through these easy sewing projects and I'm sure you'll find a few your children would love - and use. They are  also perfect for a child's birthday, stocking stuffer or as a party favor!

Should I note that all these sewn items (all but one!) have been tried and tested by my own kids? (The only exception being iPad bags - they'll need to wait till they reach teen age!) And, many of these are beginner sewing projects, so go ahead and choose your favorite.

To make it easier for you, I grouped the sewing ideas into
  • bags, pouches and desk organizers for kids
  • wearable accessories for kids, and
  • toys. Enjoy!

Bags, pouches and desk organizers suitable for kids:

1) Cutest Mini Fabric Organizer

diy christmas gifts for kids
Great Mini Storage Bin - More HERE.

diy Christmas gifts
Cutest Mini Fabric Bin - More HERE.

If this isn't the sweetest mini storage for a children room! Think pencil and crayon holders, little LEGO storage, perfect to keep your kid's desk clean and organized. This easy beginner sewing project will require only little material and time to complete. Simple and beautiful, and adjustable with the fold-over bunting top. Get the pattern HERE:
Find out more about this pattern.

2) The SWEETEST Storage Basket 

fabric basket pattern for kids room
Round Baskets in 3 Sizes - PATTERN Here.

Want something larger, or simply more variety? Sew a perfect set with this 3-size Round Storage Basket Pattern. So sweet, and you can make one for every room in your home!

3) Zip Pocket Lunch Money Pouch 

Sewing for schoolkids? This coin purse is just perfect as your kid's lunch money pouch. The combination of a zipper and a flap will make sure your coins never fall out! More about the project here.

4) A Cross-Body iPad Bag for Teens

diy Christmas gifts
Pattern Here.

Are you sewing for teenagers? Teens might be excited about this small-size crossbody bag - it is perfect for a teen who never leaves house without their iPad or phone. This is what they would certainly love to have for Christmas: a practical, hand-free cross-body bag, large enough to hold all the essentials neatly organized and easy to reach. Not a schoolbag, and fun to have! This PDF pattern comes with a Sew-to-Sell license. Check it out HERE:
Find out more about this pattern.

5) Mini Coin Purse Pattern - Or Kids' Treasure Hunt Pouch!

While being practical, this sweet little triangular zipper pouch can quickly turn into a pretend-play treasure holder. Using a keyring, you can attach it to a jacket or clip on a school bag, and your grandchild can keep their favorite miniature toy in it. Get your PDF pattern and make an excellent little handmade gift for your grandkids. More HERE:

coin purse pattern


6) Reversible Fleece Neck Warmer

diy Christmas gifts for kids
Fleece Neck Warmer - Free 3-sized Template and tutorial

This cozy and warm fleece neck warmer makes a great DIY Christmas gift. It's a super quick project, one of the easiest I've ever made - and there's a free 3-sized template for you. Check it out HERE:
Find out more about this sewing project.

7) Stay-Put Baby Scarf

Learn how to make a kid's scarf that will stay put. It's a beginner sewing project and easy tutorial for a diy fleece scarf that is breathable, lightweight, soft to the skin, and comfortable to wear. With a little something added that will prevent it from falling off. Check out the tutorial.

link to sewing project

8) My Best Earflap Beanie

This earflap beanie hat will protect your kids from wind and chill. It does not have any straps to tie, a detail that makes it safer for use even if your children or grandchildren are still babies. It has double-layer flaps that will fully cover the ears.

These beanies are practical and very comfortable to wear, and make a great handmade gift. Not just for kids though, as the pattern comes in 8 sizes, from newborn to adult. I've also made a few with fleece so far, and they've turned out great!

link to sewing pattern

9) The Best DIY Earwarmer Headband For Warmer Climate Winters 

Make the best earwarmer headband for your kid, one that actually stays in place, protects the child in wind, but does not make him too hot. It has ear flaps that will fully cover the ears. A perfect kids accessory you can make in a really short time. Did I mention it's a beginner sewing project? Easy and fun!

diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns

10) DIY Bandana Bib for Toddlers

A great gift for toddlers and babies! A step-by-step bandana bib tutorial with a free pattern, quite simple and easy to sew. It will be made in no time. Grab your free pattern and make a few to gift on Christmas. More here:
free sewing pattern

11) Easy DIY Pajama Pants

Are you familiar with the Christmas pajamas tradition? Make pajama pants for your children or grandchildren this Christmas. I've made a lot of them for my kids as they can be made really quickly, and there are no limits as to the sizing! Get your tutorial with step-by-step directions here:

Find out more about this free sewing tutorial.


Great diy kids toys to make this Christmas:

12) Felt Star Softie

When talking about softies, this one has been a great hit: a soft star pillow with cute embroidered eyes. Soft, cozy and ideal to DIY as a gift during the winter months. Easy to make! Get your free template in 3 sizes here:

multi-sized sewing pattern free

13) DIY Memory Game

diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns
Make A Fabric Memory Game For Kids - FREE PATTERN 
Kids love matching games. And if you can use adorable prints while sewing, this is a win-win for all!
I've not only sewn the memory game myself (LINK) but also made a free PDF template for you to get it done really quickly, which makes it a great diy present for children of any age. Check out the tutorial and grab the free PDF template to make your Christmas gift sewing super easy!
diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns

14) DIY Fabric Marble Maze Game

diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns
DIY Fabric Marble Maze - FREE PDF Pattern HERE
A free PDF sewing pattern and tutorial for a cute little fabric marble maze toy for kids, a great fidget toy that's easy and quick to make. A perfect toy for kids in the car. Or a great toy to keep in your purse for when you go to the doctor, or another place where you'd like your child (or grandchild) sit still for some time. Get your free pattern now, from here:
Find out more about this free pattern and sewing tutorial.

15) Felt-Fish Set (Bean-Bag Toss)

diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns
Felt Fish Set - TUTORIAL
These DIY felt fish for kids are made quickly and can be reused for a number of indoors activities to release some of the excess energy children always have on stock. They are perfect for a bean bag tossing game and make an awesome handmade toy.

diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns

16) Felt Play Food Set 

Take a look at 7 of my favorite free felt play food TUTORIALS for home-made felt fruit, vegetables, dairy and French bread. Make a set and you've got a wonderful diy Christmas present for kids.
Click to get to the free tutorials.

17) Felt Circle Fabric Bookmarks

diy gifts for kids - sewing patterns
Fabric Bookmarks With Felt - with 4 FREE Templates

Avid readers? You can't miss with these easy and fresh-looking bookmarks. Grab the template with 4 FREE designs and check out the easy-sew trick that will make your bookmark corners beautiful. (You'll love this little hack!)

Use these ideas and the patterns to make the best Christmas presents for kids!

Save For Later:
Diy Christmas gifts for kids you can make this Christmas. Check out these diy ideas for kids and get the easy sewing patterns to sew cool presents for your grandkid or kid, niece or nephew. These are my best ideas for diy gifts for kids!

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