10+ Easy Gifts To Sew For Toddlers

Here are over 10 easy gifts to sew for toddlers, easy projects you'll love to sew, after seeing how much you loved this collection of diy gifts to sew for babies. Making a homemade gift is not only a way to show you care but also a great way to teach kids the value of handmade things. Browse through these tutorials and patterns for inspiration and choose your favorite! 
​gifts to sew for toddlers, easy​ sewing tutorials

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Do you need ideas for a homemade gift for a toddler? You've just found a bunch of them! From handmade accessories to toys, here are 10+ easy and cute sewing projects with beginner patterns you'll love to sew.

Toddlers will love anything associated with exploration, like a fabric marble maze or a buckle toy, matching games, preferably colorful. Toddler accessories and clothing, be it a hat, a scarf or pajama pants, need to be easy to use, so they can put them on by themselves. I took all that into account when compiling this collection of patterns and how-tos.

Oh, and these patterns are all beginner friendly! Try out some of them (or all!) and make the best diy presents for your toddler.

Gifts to Sew For Toddlers:

1) My Best Earflap Beanie

​gifts to sew for toddlers, beginner pattern

Add a pop of color to your kids' wardrobe AND let them stay WARM outdoors! Use this pattern to make cute and easy-to-sew beanies with double-layer flaps that will fully cover the ears. They are practical and totally comfortable - no more struggles to have the kids wear their hats! It's a great handmade present for kids that's easy and quick to sew. Did I mention it's a beginner sewing project? Easy and fun! The pattern comes in 8 sizes, from newborn to adult.

link to sewing pattern

2) Felt Fish Set (Bean Bag Toss) 

​things to sew for toddlers

Toddlers will have a blast playing a fun tossing game! These felt fish for kids are made quickly and can be reused for a number of indoors activities. They are perfect for a bean bag tossing game and make an awesome gift! Get the tutorial HERE.

3) Mini Coin Purse Pattern

easy​ sewing pattern for zipper purse

While being practical, this sweet little triangular zipper pouch can quickly turn into a pretend-play treasure holder. Using a keyring, you can attach it to a jacket or a stroller, and your toddler can keep their favorite miniature toy in it. Get your PDF pattern and make an excellent little handmade gift for your toddler. More HERE:

4) Reversible Fleece Neck Warmer

​gifts to sew for toddlers, easy​ sewing tutorials and beginner patterns for handmade gifts for toddlers

This cozy and warm fleece neck warmer is a great gift for toddlers who don't like wearing (uncomfortable and bulky) traditional scarves. Easy to pull on and off. Check out the easy tutorial with a free template HERE:

5) Easy DIY Pajama Pants

winter pajamas to sew - free tutorial

Simple to make, you'll love making these pajama pants over and over again. These pajama pants can be made REALLY QUICKLY! And with busy moms, that's what often matters most. Get your tutorial with step-by-step directions here.

Find out more about this free sewing tutorial.

6) Fabric Memory Game

Toddlers love matching games. And if you can use adorable prints while sewing, this is a win-win for all! I've not only sewn the memory game myself (LINK) but also made a free PDF template (with a free how-too off course) for you to get it done really QUICKLY! Grab your free PDF template and instructions here:

7) Marble Maze Game

​gifts to sew for toddlers, easy​ sewing tutorials and beginner patterns for handmade gifts for toddlers

free PDF sewing pattern and tutorial for a cute little fabric marble maze toy for kids. It's made from fabric and fleece scraps. A great DIY present for toddlers, perfect  road trip toy. Also, a great toy to keep in your purse for when you go to the doctor, or another place where you'd like your child (or grandchild) sit still for some time. Get your free pattern now, here:

Make a perfect DIY present for kids from these 10 free tutorials and patterns for fun kid toys to sew. Beginner sewing tutorials and free sewing patterns.

8) Felt Play Food Set

 felt play food - sewing tutorials

Take a look at 7 of my favorite free felt play food TUTORIALS for home-made felt fruit, vegetables, dairy and French bread. Make a set and you've got a wonderful present for a toddler. Free patterns and beginner tutorials are at this link.

9) Toddler Buckle Toy

toddler buckle toy by Swoodson Says
Toddler Buckle Toy Tutorial by Swoodson Says

A simple tutorial for a homemade toddler buckle toy to take on the go, out to eat, or in the stroller. Stephanie made a great toy that will keep busy hands occupied! Tutorial here.

10) Button Snake for Toddlers

This colorful felt button snake is made in a moment, requiring really little sewing skills. If you know how to sew on a button, you're set! It's one of the all-time favorite toys among toddlers for learning buttoning and fine motor skills through play. Easy and quick to make - a perfect gift! A tutorial with step-by-step directions HERE.

11) Double-Sided Banner (Free Template)

A simple way to add a pop of color to a toddler's room, and to display their name where they can always see it. Toddlers will recognize their name and remember it. And as to this diy project, it's easy to do even if you're new to sewing. This easy diy bunting banner tutorial includes a free PDF sewing template and a few tips and tricks to make it easier for you. Since it's double-sided, both sides of the banner will look lovely when hung across the space. Yey!

baby sewing project with easy sewing pattern

12) Fabric Sailboat Toy

Toddlers will love playing pirates, running around the house, holding these soft sailboats and searching for treasures. I made these three boats when our daughter was born and fell in love with this little sailboat toy immediately. Use bright colors, and if you feel like, embroider the kid's name on it. Download the free sailboat template (from HERE) to sew one of these cute softies yourself.

baby sewing project with easy sewing pattern

13) Felt Star Softie

This soft star pillow with cute embroidered eyes will make a great snuggle toy for when your toddler goes to daycare. Easy to make and very popular. Get your free template in 3 sizes here:

multi-sized sewing pattern

Have a great time sewing these! Which will you try first?

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Gifts to sew for toddlers, with easy​ sewing tutorials and beginner patterns for handmade gifts for toddlers. Gifts to sew for toddlers, with easy​ sewing tutorials and beginner patterns for handmade gifts for toddlers.

Happy sewing, 

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