The Easiest Velcro Straps You'll Ever Make!

Velcro straps you can make yourself, and that the easiest way! These Velcro straps are both reusable and durable, adjustable in length and super quick to make. You can use them as diy ski straps, to bundle and securely carry your skis, or for any other home use: to keep cables tied up, to nicely bundle that hairdryer cable when travelling, or keep jumper cables neat in your car trunk.  Multipurpose!

velcro straps
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Back to the easiest Velcro straps you'll ever make! This how-to is for next time when hardware and household shops are closed, or you forgot to buy them before shops run out of them. 

Velcro Straps Tutorial


diy velcro straps


  1. Again, the Velcro tape should have NO sticky back, i.e. no self-adhesive on the back side. 
  2. Velcro tape WIDTH: it can vary, just make sure the rectangular ring/buckle will fit. I used a 3/4 inch wide regular hook and loop sew-in tape.
  3. color: your choice. I had white velcro at hand, but probably black would be even better for ski as they would be easier to find in the snow.

DIY Velcro Strap - Tutorial

velcro straps
1) Cut 13 inch (33 cm) of the loops stripe of Velcro, and 4 inch (10cm) of hooks stripe. You also need one rectangle ring.

velcro straps
2) Fold approximately one inch on one end of the loops stripe, encasing the rectangle ring.

velcro straps
3) Stitch in place. An envelope stitch will be best. A little help here:
How to make the easiest Velcro straps. These Velcro straps are reusable, adjustable and super quick to make. Check out the tutorial!

velcro straps
4) At the other end of the loops stripe: loops facing up, place the 4-inch piece of hooks face-up too. (They are not to be placed right sides together!)

velcro straps
5) Trim to form a rounded end. This way, the strap will be easier to use.

hook and loop straps
6) Stitch all the way around the hook stripe, to fix it. Zigzag at the end where the two straps meet, to make a firm contact.

velcro straps
7) You want to prevent untangling of the end-knot on your stitching, so it's best you bury the thread ends, using a needle - this little sewing tip will show you exactly how:

sewing tips - how to finish a seam

velcro straps
8) Done!

velcro straps
I'm not even sure whether it's even worth going searching for these to the nearby shops. I made 4 (that's for two pairs of skies!) withing half an hour, including measuring the right size and taking the photos!

velcro straps

Diy velcro straps to bundle and securely carry your skis.

velcro strap diy

The story behind these velcro straps is quite a usual one: our son was about to leave for a winter ski camp with his friends and kindergarten teachers. We were packing all the stuff (including the crazy simple and practical diy zipper pouch for toiletries I made the previous year - see it here!) All was done, except for a little thing I totally forgot: the ski straps! Such an ordinary item, and I never had given a single thought to it, presuming we had them somewhere nicely stored in the utility room. Nope! A few hours before departure, and I started calling around the sports shops. None available.

A few calls later, I realized it was the time in the year that any search for ski straps turned out to be in vain (Try getting ski straps in January, in a ski-resorts country!). The sewing machine saved the day, again! Luckily, I had a pack of metal rectangle rings I had no use for. They were a bit too wide, but otherwise perfect for the diy project. Two pieces of Velcro and half an hour later, I had not only 2 sets of velcro straps made, but these images for the tutorial ready, too. Talk about quick and easy!

homemade velcro straps

It has no padded part that could be placed between the skis as protective cushion. I might need to make those too, I see how it could be totally easy. If I manage to make a new pair of these velcro straps soon enough, I'll add them and take photos of the process for you to see. Totally easy!

diy ski straps
You need two pieces per one pair of ski, to strap your skis together.

These straps can be multi purpose: they are excellent for cords and cables, and nicely bundle up that hair dryer cord when travelling. You can use them to keep your yoga mat rolled up, so it’s easy to carry. Or to keep jumper cables neat in your car trunk. Flexible and versatile. And so easy to make!

Save for later:

diy velcro straps


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