How To Make A Hanging Storage Basket

Here's how to make an adorable, small hanging storage basket. It's a handy little DIY storage basket to hang in a craft room for all your sewing supplies, in a child's room to store pencils or crayons, on a kitchen utensil rack or wherever you need to store little items. The free sewing pattern is available to all new subscribers to AppleGreen Cottage who sign up at this link. The tutorial is easy to follow and a great beginner sewing project. Check it out! 

hanging storage basket with free pattern

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This little hanging storage basket is a real treasure when it comes to storing small items. And since the hanging strap can open, you can hang it anywhere and remove easily

Instead of just using a ribbon or making a wide hanging sleeve or a fixed loop, I opted for a hanging flap. It can be open and closed using a KAM snap. Just so you can simply detach it. Easier to move, attach anywhere and remove when you don't need it anymore.

hanging storage basket
It makes a great DIY Valentines day present, too!

Hanging Storage Basket


For the fabric basket alone:
  • 2 pieces of 12x8 inch midweight cotton
  • 12 x 8 inch of fusible fleece (or any other type of interfacing you prefer)
  • coordinating sewing thread
  • sewing machine, iron, scissors or rotary cutter+mat, pins, ruler

PLUS For the hanging strap (tutorial HERE)
  • 1 piece of 6 x 2.75 inch (15.5cm x 7cm) midweight cotton or home decor fabric (same as the basket fabric!)
  • 1 piece same size cotton for lining
  • 1 piece same size fusible fleece (or any other type of interfacing you prefer)
  • one set of KAM snaps pieces (4 pieces: 2 caps and a socket and a stud piece)
  • KAM snap pliers (best get them in a set)
  • an awl
hanging storage basket

DIMENSIONS - FINISHED ITEM: The hanging basket is 3.5″ wide, 2″ deep, 5″ tall (with top folded). The FINAL (straightened) hanging strap size is 2 inch wide by 5 inch long (when sewn in).


This is the template for the small hanging basket to help you along the way. If you subscribe to Applegreen Cottage newsletter at THIS link, you'll get the Hanging Storage Basket Template for FREE. Here:

hanging storage basket
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1) HOW TO MAKE the HANGING STRAP (click here for full TUTORIAL)

a free strap pattern


To clarify, I've separated the two tutorials because they each have a lot of images. And if there are too many on one page, it would take forever for the post to download. And not a single blog reader wants that - that's why I split them in two parts. Now let's get back to sewing: 

Hanging Storage Basket - Tutorial

0) Before starting this, make your hanging strap, using the hanging strap tutorial above. Done that? Great!

First, here's a video slide-show for those of you who prefer video how-tos. Check it out here:

Now, on to the text:
1) Print out the template, then use it to cut out 3 main pieces: 1 piece from outer fabric (here stripes), 1 from lining fabric and 1 piece out of fusible fleece as interfacing.

hanging storage basket

If you want an applique on your basket, now's the time to do that. Click through to my tutorial  if you haven't done an applique yet:

applique tutorial for a regular sewing machine
Tutorial here.

2) Using your iron and a protective piece of cloth, apply stabilizer to the wrong side of the outer fabric. (A sewing tip on this one is coming in one the next few weeks!)

hanging storage basket
3)  Place the lining and outer fabric right-sides-together (RST), then pin to prevent the layers from shifting. Stitch using a 3/8 sewing allowance (= 1cm) along the top line.

hanging storage basket
4) Trim the seam allowance to 1/8. It will reduce bulk and make your basket look nicer.

hanging storage basket
5) Now spread the sewn piece face-up on the sewing table. We're about to add that hanging strap!

The how-to for making the strap and for attaching the KAM snaps is here at this link:

how to make a strap for basket

Now I believe you've made the strap, so let's continue to attach it to the basket. Here:

hanging storage basket

6) Place the strap 1 inch away from the upper edge of the (future) basket. Make sure to have both the basket fabric face-up AND the strap/flap should have the outer fabric (here stripes) visible, i.e. facing up.

You want the KAM snap detail to show on the front, so pay attention to how the strap piece is placed. It needs to be like in the image: do you have the outer layer (here: stripes) visible? Good. Another option would be to hide the KAM snap to the back, but that would only make it look like a regular hanging loop/sleeve. However if you prefer that, sure you can do it.

hanging storage basket
7) Using a 3/8 seam allowance, stitch the flap in place. Then trim the seam allowance to 1/4.

free sewing pattern for a hanging basket
8) Flip the strap over to the other side, and topstitch at 3/8 (1cm) or less, just enough to hide the  raw end of the strap. Strap attached, yey!

free sewing pattern
9) Place the sewn piece face-up on the sewing table. Then fold it once again, right sides together, but this time putting both outer fabric fold onto itself, and lining folding onto itself. Like this:

free basket pattern
10) Pin in place and then stitch around, leaving a 2.5-inch (~ 6cm) gap for turning in the lining.

Make sure to clip the cornersMore on corner clipping here. You'll never go back to the simple diagonal corner-cutting once you see this:

how to clip corners

Now, back to our work in progress:

hanging storage basket
11) Box the corners. That's 2 straight stitches on outer fabric (see image above), and 2 more on lining.

A few quick notes that might be just what you need:
  • 1 - The basket is still turned right-sides together.
  • 2 - Place one bottom corner on your table, so that the side seam is in the center. So, it's folded. 
  • 3 - Now stitch across the triangle about an inch in. (blue dashed line in the image)
  • 4 - Do the same on the remaining 3 corners.

hanging storage basket pattern
12) Snip off the excess corner material.

hanging storage basket pattern
13) Turn right side out. Use a point turning tool or a stick (not sharp!) to push out corners. Press if needed.

hanging storage basket free pattern
14) Stitch the opening closed.

hanging storage basket
15) Tuck the lining in.

free sewing pattern for small basket
16) Then topstitch the top edge. Press for a nicer finish.

hanging storage basket

16) Fold the top down, done!

hanging storage basket

Save the link for later:

How to make a fabric hanging basket and a free sewing pattern- a fun beginner sewing project.

These hanging storage baskets can have tons of uses:

You can hang them on a door handle, a hook, a closet rod, or just about anywhere you can use some extra storage. They are perfect as key storage in your hall. A hanging storage basket like this one  makes great storage for small items. Or hold your supplies in your craftroom.

You can use one as a take-along basket: throw in your necessities like phone, keys, tissues, MP3 and grab it as you leave the house. You'll never forget anything! Or hang it in your car as a car caddy. And just an idea for the spring and those with a green thumb: they can hold a small flower pot

Make tons of these hanging storage baskets, and hang them in sets to beautify your home. If - and when you do, post pics, I'd love to see what you make!

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  1. An awesome basket and an easy to follow tutorial to make it up.

  2. Great tute and love your detailed pictures too. I know a lot of work goes into making a tute and you wrote an exceptional tute here. Thanks!

    1. Linda,

      thank you! Yes it's quite some work, but so rewarding! Love to see my tutorials bring value to our sewing community, and comments like yours always make my day.

  3. This is so adorable ! Just finished making one , just need to add button & button hole being I have no snaps . I don`t know how to send pic but if I do I will send to you . You did a fantastic job on tut , very easy to follow . GOD BLESS & Thank you so much. Glenda

    1. Glenda hi,

      happy to hear from you. You're one of the first ones to make the basket following this tutorial, and I'm glad it all worked out for you. No worries about sending the image - but if you like, you can join our Facebook group at and post it there. I'm always happy to see my readers there,

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    Such a great site - love this tutorial, thanks

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  8. Good morning. I love your site. I am already a subscriber, but I didn't write my password down and now I can't access the free patterns and templates. HELP! I want to make the neck warmers for my family snow tubing trip. Than you so much for your help.

    1. Ghee-to2,

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  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this basket!! I'm going to make one of mine a bit bigger so I can use it to put my clothespins in. The clothespin bag I have is made with really thin fabric and it tore after 1 season, so this I think is going to be stronger in that it has more layers plus I'm going to use outdoor fabric for outdoor furniture. Then I can wash it when it gets too dirty and it'll last longer. It's really cute and I can't wait to make some. I've been setting up my craftroom and getting all the storage done. Thanks so much the tute is so well done it'll make it so much easier to follow!

    1. milliesmom,

      so glad you like it, people really love this pattern for storage of tiny items. Me too! Happy sewing,
      xoxo Damjana