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Finally set up: one single page from which you can access all, ALL my free sewing tutorials and patterns posted so far at AppleGreen Cottage. (And a bit more, but let's leave it at that). These are the FREE sewing patterns and tutorials made by me. Grab a cup of coffee, browse through  and check them all out, they were made for you!

​ALL ​the free sewing tutorials and patterns ​ever made by AppleGreen Cottage

Now, things got pretty much back to normal since my latest pattern release (and I've finally stopped jumping with joy each time I saw the blue diaper clutch image come up on Pinterest). I'm sewing a little, playing with the kids (and wiping little noses) and waiting for the winter to end... I know, I'm awful! I should enjoy the winter delights, and go skiing somewhere - but instead, I hide at home and sew, haha!

Ah, but have done something that was long overdue, and it just wouldn't be fair if I'd keep putting it off any longer. I've collected all my free sewing tutorials and tips on one single blog page, post by post. You can access them all from here (LINK):

​ALL ​the free sewing tutorials and patterns ​ever made by AppleGreen Cottage

These are the FREE sewing patterns and tutorials made by me. Also, a few no-sew crafting things if you like. Chances are you have missed some of them, especially if you have just found the site, or joined me in the last few months - as did the majority of you. (The number of subscribers is growing way faster than I've ever imagined - thank you so much for loving the site!) So grab a cup of coffee, browse through the tutorials and feel free to use them all!

​ALL ​the free sewing tutorials and patterns ​ever made by AppleGreen Cottage

I hope you'll love this collection as much as I do. Share the link with a friend or two, if you feel they could use it too. Happy sewing!

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​ALL ​the free sewing tutorials and patterns ​ever made by AppleGreen Cottage

Want More Free PDF Sewing Patterns?

Sign up to get email updates to stay in the loop. If you sign up HERE, you also get a freebie - AppleGreen Cottage subscribers get the 3 smallest sizes of my Perfect Earwarmer Headband Pattern (size baby to one year) as a free PDF. Check it out here if you like:

The best earwarmer headband tutorial and 8-size PDF sewing pattern. The smallest 3 sizes (baby to 1 year) are free to download for email subscribers. This perfect headband pdf pattern will add a pop of color to your kids' fall wardrobe AND let them stay WARM outdoors this fall.


  1. Your site look amazing Im so glad that I decided to become an email member.
    Will look forward to spending some time 'having a look around' I do love making 'small stuff' and you appear to have plenty to keep me happy
    Thanks again for your hard work

    1. Gayle,

      I'm happy to see you around. Use as many tutorials and free patterns as you wish, this is the very purpose of this site :) Happy sewing!

    2. I am going to try as many of your patterns as I can! I`m on disability and I have a question for you. will it be ok or even legal for me to make some of your things to try to sell to make a little extra money? If you say no then I promise I won1t do it!

    3. Sheryl,
      I apologize for a late reply and hope you'll see this: YES, off course! Feel free to sell your items made with these free patterns, on condition that you
      make them yourself by hand (no mass production) AND include a note about the item being
      a 'Design by' Thank you for asking, I hope you sell a lot! Tag me if you'll have any images online too, I'd love to see what you make :)


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