Free PDF Printable Template - My Polka-Dot Zipper Pouch

Today, I'm giving you my best free PDF pattern for a cute polka-dot zipper pouch. This zippered pouch pattern will make a wonderful beginner sewing project, even if you are new to sewing zippers. It's an easy and quick sew, a bit smaller than my other tutorial, this makeup case tutorialJust to remind you, this zipper pouch is lined. It's colorful - as much as you choose it to be. And it's easy to make. A great beginner sewing combination!

First off, this post contains affiliate links. Now, back to your pattern: 

Dear sewing friends, it just wouldn't be fair to keep you waiting any longer: I've finally transferred my zipper pouch template into a PDF form and I'm giving it to you for FREE. {Thanks to those who asked for the pdf, you're my inspiration!} You can get it in my Subscriber-Exclusive Resource Library once you sign up for my newsletter (here)

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People really love sewing sweet little things like this pouch. It's amazing, how quickly this new pattern took off! Here are two reasons why you'll love it too:

1) The most versatile size of all I've tried. (And my favorite!) 

It's a great, universal size for storing anything, from crafting bits and pieces to keys and documents. A perfectly sized pencil pouch, just right for all those colored pencils that are lying around the house. (Kids!) Or, you can easily turn it into a cosmetic bag to hold makeup (just the right size for your on-the-go mascara!).

You can even store sewing accessories in them. Buttons! Ribbons! Makes a great emergency set of sewing supplies for when you travel somewhere. 

2) Makes a perfect holiday gift.

There's nothing better than a gift that looks totally stylish but it's so easy to make! And this zipper case is just that. 

And guess what, now's the perfect time to make a few early Christmas presents for your loved ones!  Use the free PDF pattern as many times you wish, sew one for you and one for each of your friends and family members. Trust me, it feels soooo good when you know you've got all your homemade gifts ready - before December even starts!

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And did I mention that the pouch is a perfect scrap busting project? You won't need a lot of fabric to make it. Oh, and it's a beginner sewing project! You'll love it! Let's start. First off, here's

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    Now, let me quickly recap what you'll need:

    • 4 pieces of cotton fabric 9 inch x 6 inch (2 for outer, 2 for lining)
    • zipper (8 inch or longer).
    • thread, sewing machine, scissors, iron

    Now just think of all the color combinations you can choose!

    I've made and published this pdf template for all of you. I hope it saves you time so you can just print it and jump straight on to sewing. Cheers to that!

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    If you like sewing zipper pouches, you'll LOVE this one!

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