10 Gorgeous Cotton Fabric Prints For Summer

These are my favorite 10 cotton fabric prints for this summer.  Have a look at the selection if you want to, but I'm warning you: these cute prints, the fascinating colors, the gorgeous design... it could get addictive. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling in love each time when get to browse through adorable cotton fabrics! Just a peek, OK?

These are my favorite 10 cotton fabric prints for this summer.  Have a peek!

I made a mistake. The same again. I went browsing through Amazon. My fingers automatically typed in 'fabrics'. Not beach towels or sunscreen or kids stuff or whatever device or book I should be taking to the beach this summer. 'Fabrics'. Yep. And before I knew, wonderful summer fabrics just kept jumping up in front of my eyes. 

Fascinating. Gorgeous. Colorful. Mouthwatering. {I know, nobody says 'mouthwatering' when talking about a fabric, right? Unless you love sewing as much as ice cream in the summer! Which I actually do. Anyone else like me?}

Let's find out. Browse through this selection {Yep, I started keeping track of those fabrics I loved most!} And if you start thinking of ice cream, than you're not. Obsessed with fabrics. However, if you start thinking about running to the nearest fabrics shop, then, my dear, you are doomed, just like me! And I tell you, these adorably cute fabrics could easily win over ice cream. Tried and tested! So don't blame me for not warning you, OK?

This is currently my Top 10 of cotton prints for this summer. Though I could easily make it a Top 500, but then I don't want to take up all your coffee break time. And you still need to go to sleep occasionally, don't you? Or to the beach, for that matter.

And these are affiliate links, just so you know. You never pay more but I might get a commission if you buy something, to support the cost of running this site. Thanks!!  

1) Wee Wander Summer Night Lights by Michael Miller

Gorgeous. Dreamy. {Sarah Jane's design is amazing, isn't it? Make a cute skirt out of this fabric since it's double border!}

2) Summer Song 2 by Riley Blake

This birdie!

3) Love Tumble Roses Pink by Amy Butler

Fabulously bold. Boldly fabulous.

4) Remix Chevron Summer by Robert Kaufmann

Fresh and always in place. {And a safe choice to complement a wild summer print}

5) Summer Song 2 Trees White by Riley Blake

Just so cute! {woodland-summer cute}

6) Backyard Baby Birch Forest by Michael Miller

What would a summer be like without these hues? {Blue shades, we love you!}

Boldly graphic. Adorable. {Desperately need to get this one for the back side of my baby's bandana bibs!!}

8) Sommer by Michael Miller

A real summer treat!

9) Jump into Fun by Robert Kaufmann

So playful!

10) Indian Summer Woodland in Pine by Art Gallery

Refreshing, sublime, trendy!

Can you imagine, having all these cute fabrics in your stash?!

And please please, don't say you all keep thinking of ice cream and the beach, even after seeing the collection. I'd start freaking out if I find out to be the only nut out here whose love for fabric wins over ice cream!




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