Easiest no-sew Christmas tree skirt

Now,  what has a broken stroller sun umbrella to do with Christmas trees, you ask? I can guarantee you'll laugh at this one, but it has saved me quite some work. Read on if you want to use this ingeniously simple Christmas-tree hack too!

christmas tree skirt DIY

It was about time I did a car cleanup. Long overdue, in fact. (Don't say you never put off the car trunk purge... ;) What I find in the car trunk occasionally stil amazes me, and this time it was no different: a little broken stroller umbrella was hidden there, lying among the 'treasures' that were just about to head to the garbage recycling isle... But hold a moment! I skimmed the dark blue fabric off the metal frame, thinking to myself: well well, if this could not be our new....

....Christmas tree skirt!

Off it went home with me, and I'm so happy I didn't throw away the broken stroller sun umbrella! I thought I'd have to sew a skirt for the Christmas tree, and now I don't have to do the tedious work, haha! And it's a hilarious REPURPOSE-REUSE idea, isn't it?

So if you happen to have an old stroller sun shade - umbrella, don't throw it away. It might be useful if you have a Christmas tree like ours, with an exposed tree trunk...


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