6 Awesome Spider Crafts for Kids to Make

True, spiders can be both beautiful and scarry - but don't worry, here you don't need to deal with real spiders if you don't want to :) I've collected several spider crafts that might be just the thing to do before or on Halloween, in addition to the cute spider tutorial we made a while ago. Have a look!

1) A jumping spider

how to make a jumping spider kids crafts

Do your kids like craft foam and pipe cleaners? Make a jumping spider like this one!

2) Playdough spider

playdough spider - Halloween kids crafts

Combine playdough with loose parts and here you have - a beautiful  playdough spider (made by Shaunna at Fantastic Fun and Learning)

3) A paper plate spider

paper plate spider kids crafts

Make a paper plate spider! Choose your color and go! (by Rachel at I Heart Crafty Things)

4) A handprint spider

handprint spider - Halloween kids crafts

Create a handprint spider! It will also serve as a wonderful reminder of how tiny your kids' hands are! (by Tammy at Housing A Forest)

5) A beaded spider

beaded spider - Halloween kids crafts
Do your kids love beads? Make a beaded spider! (by Jamie at Hands On As We Grow

6) A jar lid spider

 jar lid spider - Halloween kids crafts

Make a simple and easy jar lid spider! (by Carolina at 30-minute Crafts)

These activities will engage both toddlers and older kids alike, enjoy!


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