5 TIPS For Gardening On The Balcony - With Kids

Here are several useful tips I've learned so far on gardening with kids in a limited space such as balcony. It's meant to help you make gardening with toddlers easier and more fun (check out here what we did!), both for you and the kids. Take a look!

tips for gardening on the balcony with kids
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Not having a real garden has never stopped us from enjoying at least some of the gardening joy. Especially now with children, gardening on the balcony is a welcome activity as there is not much work (honestly, not too much space to get too many of those plant containers).

We decided to make a balcony vegetable garden. It's fun and easy to keep it. The photos are from late spring, now it's all green and we added additional recycled bottles to serve as green hanging baskets (we have a hanging garden too, yeey!)

I used hanging baskets, too in the past, but now do so only for those decorative plants that have nothing to do with our vegetable garden, because they are placed too high on ceiling hooks...

Now, off to the tips I promised:

1) Use easy-to-grow vegetables. 

If there are undemanding plants in your balcony pots, there is high chance you'll get to eat what you plant, isn't there? There will inevitably be occasional disappointments when nothing grows, or plant lice destroy the produce, but this might only teach your kid appreciation of what DOES grow and strive. It'a good life lesson, don't you think?

Some of the easiest crops to grow in containers include:

  • lettuce - there are many colorful lettuce mix seed packages, a lovely decoration, too!
  • carrots
  • radish
  • parsley, mint and similar herbs
  • bush beans, etc.

One of my personal favorites, cherry tomatoes, are lovely and delicious, but in our climate they tend to be a bit demanding... I skipped them this year, in our son's 'first gardening season' - but we'll grow them next year for sure.

2) Pot placement - easy to reach and observe.

Position the gardening containers so that they can easily be reached and observed by children. Yes, it's a no-brainer, yet I made a mistake at the beginnning, placing some of the pots too high on a shelf. Now we've adjusted it, so everything can be observed from our child's percpective :)

3) Use seeds that spruce up quickly. 

Especially if you are working  with toddlers - they will remember the connection between seeding and growing plants easier.

Talking about seeding, you might want to use free, eco seed planters: like here, this spring we started rucola seeds in eggshells - it was so cute and so much fun! And our kid saw the results super fast, as rucola spruces up very quickly!

4) Plant something your toddler will love to eat

The safe way to go might here not even be vegetables - feel free to go with strawberries, if you have a picky eater. But it's advisable to include at least a vegetable or two, your kid might start eating vegetables - if not for other reason - knowing thet he grew them himself! The trick has worked with many garden-tending toddlers, it might just well work with yours, too!

More about SMALL SPACE Gardening HERE.

5) Make plant watering your kid's daily routine!

You'll be surprised how well a small child remembers things that are done daily. Myself quite forgetful about watering even my indoor plants, have benefited vastly from our 3-year-old's memory: it's him who would remind me it was time to water the plants whenever I'd forget! Sometimes more than once a day, but let's not be too picky - better too often than not, right? (Especially during the these summer months...)

...) And make it FUN!

I know I promised 5 hints only, but let me tell you my favorite: if you look closely, you'll notice we made tiny animals from clay and placed them into the gardening pots-  in the photo below, you'll find two piggies and a water bin in the top right corner. It's pure fun, and our toddler is so happy to get water to the pigs - he doesn't want them to stay thirsty (and usually he also gives them a good shower, so 'they won't be dirty' :)

This gives an additional play perspective to gardening, and increases motivation to stick to gardening even when the initial excitement is gone.

tips for gardening on the balcony with kids

One thing I need to add though I believe you are already aware of this: you should never leave your kid unattended on the balcony. Ever. We live on the third floor with a curious three-year old, so I'm very strict with this rule.

tips for gardening on the balcony with kids

Gardening with kids, even if on a balcony and even in a tiny plant pot will teach your kids a love of nature - and gardening! Sometimes it will be a beautiful, rewarding exercise of patience and sometimes a learning lesson of the fact that sometimes we need to wait for what we want to have. But above all, it will be fun!

Have a look at how we added some fun to our (non-edible) plants in pots on the balcony last year: we made garden buddies for our decorative plants. A year later, they still keep our avocado and citrus plants company!

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  1. What a brilliant idea. Especially to the fast growing plants as my kids get bored so easily if they dont get some action lol xx

    1. Sonia, thanks for dropping by. And I agree, the speed of sprouting is important :)

  2. I love this! We have a front porch garden this year, that I'm hoping will produce some good results. I don't know easy the plants I chose are, but they are the little one's favorites. ;)

    1. Jessica,
      Love the idea of a front porch garden and hope to have one some day too... By now I'm sure it's already all green and beautiful at your place! Have a great day,

  3. Such a good Idea! This could be a great new activity for my girlie. She loves our houseplants and I'm sure that few vegetable plants on the balcony would be very interesting for her. Thank you!

    1. Isla,
      it's well worth trying it out then :) Thanks for dropping by and have a great day,

  4. Especially in urban sector due to lack of space we have found that people are used to grow gardens in balcony, terrace and yards. They are using pots and other objects to grow gardens; but in most of the cases due to lack of proper knowledge about gardening we are facing several kinds of problem. Therefore we need proper instructions to grow a garden in our balcony and while following these tips I am sure we are able to grow a suitable garden in a small space.

    1. Andy,
      thanks for stopping by. I agree, gardening in small spaces can be a challenge due to lack of knowledge. That's why I love clever tips on gardening ;)

  5. If you're keen on to own recent produces within the spring and summer, you must take into account making a home vegetable patch. Growing a vegetable patch may be a fun and healthy hobby that anyone will shine at.