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The winter being over, our toddler needed a new pair of shoes as his winter boots were too warm. The only thing to decide here was which of the Pediped models to get. I was thinking either Adrian or Charleston model... And guess what - after threee Charlestons in a row (in the same navy-blue color), it was time for a change: Pediped Flex Adrian it was this time! If there are more Pediped enthusiasts out there, let me make your decision easier by telling you a few of the things I realized about this model.
Pediped Flex Adrian Review

To be fair, I need to tell you two things right at the beginning:

Firstly, I admit that most of the time, I go cheap with apparel for kids - meaning that I don't pay a lot of attention to higher-priced clothes and stuff. I love DIY and budget friendly solutions, and even sew sometimes a thing or two.

But shoes, toddler shoes are different: I don't want nor dare to skimp on kids shoes as they are crucial for healthy feet development. Especially at this age. Did you know that the highest percentage of any feet deformation is due to inappropriate shoes? I fell in love with Pedipeds and have heavily relied on them ever since I got the option to compare them to the feel and wear of other brands.

Pediped Flex Adrian Review

PROS: WHY I love Pediped shoes:

  • our kid loves wearing them (no hassle and bargaining when it's time to put them on!)
  • easy to slip on and off by the kid himself, encouraging independence
  • a special size-extending Flex Fit System (you literally get more for your bucks! - read below)
  • both cute and comfortable! (OK, I should put that to the end of the pro-list ;)
  • approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association as being beneficial for children's growing feet
  • a flexible rubber sole makes them easy to walk in (especially good for early walkers!)
  • easy to keep clean - machine washable! 

CONS - only one actually:

  • they are not cheap
That's why it always takes me a bit long to buy the new pair! I always reconsider my choice before buying, because at least in Slovenia, there are plenty of other brands cheaper than Pediped. But admittedly, I always come to the same conclusion: Pediped it is, despite the price. Why?

Because during the time when my kid would outgrow three 'regular' pairs with other brands, it's only two Pediped pairs I need to buy in the same time span. And this is why:


One of the best features of Pediped Flex shoes pricewise: they come with additional insoles.
Meaning the shoe will be worn for a longer time than other pairs - which pretty much weighs out the price in comparison to other, cheaper shoe brands. At least to my experience, a Pediped shoe has lasted nearly twice as long as other brands before outgrown... I just love it!

Pediped Flex Adrian Review - additional inserts

Pediped calls it the Flex Fit System - the additional (white in the photo) insoles can be inserted below the blue insole for a snug fit  and then removed as your child's foot grows.

So we could buy a pair that was just a bit large for our toddler and inserted the additional insoles - it reduced the shoe size by half the size and - voila! Just be careful to insert it below the blue insole, not above! (No harm done, but the blue insole has a better feel when directly in touch with the child's feet than the white foam-like white insert.)


It's very important to kids that are learning how to do things all on their own: Pediped Flex Adrian are really easy to slip on and off by the kid himself, encouraging independence. Its Velcro closure opens wide, making them easy on, easy off:

Pediped Flex Adrian Review - useful information

 And the wide Velcro strap stays put. Once you close the shoe, it will not loosen up just during playtime. Tried and tested - with a smaller-size of the Pediped Grip-and-Go Charleston model (which has thin Velcro straps) it did happen sometimes. But here - nope. It 'bonds' the shoe really strongly, without the need to tighten it too much. You can leave a loose fit and don't worry it would come of.


Pediped Flex Adrian Review - outdoors

I was curious to know  how pediped Flex Adrian would hold up in toddler exploration missions on meadows. And let me tell you, so far I've been impressed! The moment our toddler tried on the new pair, we headed out to test them out. Grass, concrete, pathways, walking trails, now he wears them everywhere. The only exception was last week's puddle jumping fun (his favorite activity on rainy days), for obvoius, knee-deep reasons :)

Pediped Flex Adrian Review - my opinion

Talking about mud and dirt, there's another perk - this time for moms, not kids:

  • pediped Flex Adrian sneakers are MACHINE WASHABLE!

After a thorough workout in the playground and a hike over muddy slopes, you can just throw them straight into the washer - and once they are dry they are as good as new! I admit I had reservations about the mesh upper part of the shoe, thinking it would be too hard to keep semi-decently clean - but all I needed was a first try in the washer and all my doubts were gone :)

Flex Adrian Review - Pediped Shoes

I've tried going cheap with low-priced brands (no name-calling!) but it simply doesn't pay off - I usually ended up having to get SEVERAL pairs, and none would be suitable for all occasions. Nope. I'd rather have one reliable. But that's just my opinion.

Off course, and I expected nothing less from Pediped than to be impressed. You shouldn't either.

If you are looking for quality shoes for your child (and if comfortable and easy to use is on your MUST list), I cannot say anything else than - I recommend buying these. If you intend to buy them, there is a link to Amazon store for pediped Flex Adrian Sneaker HERE

(And I've just realized they cost less on Amazon than in our local store where I bought them!)

Pediped shoes for kids

In the blue-red-white combination of leather and fabric, they are a casual model that will match just any outfit!

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