A well-kept secret for sewists - TILDA home DIY projects

Bam! Yesterday I thought I had lost my favorite DIY sewing book! Just to realize a few minutes later I put it onto another shelf after my last mom-time coffee break. Pheeew, what a relief!

Yes, I'm talking about a sewing book by a Norvegian craft brand, founded by Tone Finnanger. Have you heard about Tilda? Off course you have. But not only about the dolls and cute animals line, the other one? Not? Read on. (You should also know that this post includes affiliate links for your convenience. Thanks for your support!)

Tilda sewing projects

{UPDATE: For those who have been asking about the English version of the cute book in the photo - you can get an English copy of this book here - it's Sew Pretty Homestyle, my favorite of all sewing books! {love it, love it, love it! Just take a peek into photos below and you'll see why}

 Internet seems to be full of Tilda dolls, which I do love, but what I came to realize is that the other part, DIY home projects have stayed quite on the quiet side, overlooked. If not entirely, at least I haven't spotted them among the many dolls that are hugely popular. Loving the doll designs, I must admit I have kind of fallen for the home accessories line of Tilda designs. Cosmetic bags, pouches, cushions, tiny sachets, pompadours and the like. Which you could easily tell if you saw my home-made accessories and my DIY gifts to friends over the last few years :)

my sewing projects

It was then I realized I might just show you some of the creations from this book, to brag (haha!) and show what you can do with it. (There are just too many books we purchase and NOT open more then once or twice, aren't there? Well my dear, I can assure you this one hasn't been gathering any dust in the last 3 years I've got it!)
Now, let me do some bragging:

AppleGreen Cottage - sewing projects

AppleGreen Cottage - make a Tilda stringbag

WHAT I LOVE BEST about TILDA's home accessories design?

 I love that simply everything I made following this book's instructions turned out to be soooo incredibly cute! Even my first attempts (Yes, I'm not totally objective, but I can't help it. But it's this ever-lovely feature what makes it my favorite book :)

How do you know if it's going to be your favorite sewing book? It's in the first minute you see it! I believe it's either love at first sight or - not at all.

AppleGreen Cottage - sewing

I even learned several easy but usually overlooked basic sewing techniques from it (that has been so usefully applied in my tutorial when making this cute bucket hat tutorial!) I know other Tilda books include them too, so I'm thrilled to try out more :)

It became my favorite go-to sewing book the minute I got an eye on it, sometimes to get an inspiration, but more often just to rest my eyes on something beautiful, soothing, non-moving (toddlers may be running around like a whirlwind all the time, right?) This is mom's time-off.

The book I photographed above is in my local language, but there is off course an English original  available...Or better to say, it WAS. It looks like it has been sold out. :( So I can just hope some of you have it already, the original title is 'Sew Pretty Homestyle'...

UPDATE {YES, I'M SCREAMING!} I've just checked and Sew Pretty Homestyle IS AVAILABLE AGAIN (you can order it here)!

Now, having tried out the majority of the projects from my No1 sewing book, I think I should get another one, this might become my second-favorite and I've just spotted two on Book Depository (you know the one with free delivery to any place imaginable on Earth ;)
And I just cannot decide between the two. And here's where I'll ask for your opinion:

What do you think about these books? If someone offered you these two, which one would you choose? They both have over 50 projects in, and both look so cute, but I know if I buy more than a single one at once, I'll surely have one just lying on the shelf (that's just how I am. And I don't want this to happen. Not with Tilda. ;)

Does any of you already have any of these two books? Please please let me know, OK?

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