Watercolors and snow

A fun toddler activity, exploring both the why and how of the snow-melting and having fun with some 'three-dimensional' coloring with watercolors. Come join us!


Following the snow-melting experiment from last time, I also offered tube watercolors along with a full bin of the snow to our toddler. It was fun!

indoors winter kids activities

The activity started slowly and cautiously, by checking out the snow's texture, the cold feel, by poking tiny holes into the snow and exploring it with an 'empty' paintbrush...

indoors winter kids activities

But then colors came into the game and -
well, it was GAME TIME!

indoors winter kids activities

It was well worth watching: at first, the child kept trying out each color separately, and then mixing them on the painter's palette, whirling and wiping the paintbrush into the snow, new colors emerging and disappearing. Quite a treat for a quiet observer.

snow sensory bin for toddlers

And when you already think it's over and it's time for cleaning up (even this can be a joint activity for both mom and the toddler) - you can invite your kid to see what happens if you spill some water over the colored snow, slowly in spoonfuls. The melting accelerates notably and becomes visible. It's convenient and easier if you put the snow bin into the sink (less water spilling ;)

indoors winter kids activities

How YOU can make your snow painting activity BETTER than I did:

1) Add more water to the watercolors - I used undiluted tube watercolors but the activity would have been much more colorful if I had diluted them. And in this case, use small jars for each color, not just a painter's palette.
2) Add another element: exploring the difference between cold and warm (and the direct effect of "warm" on the snow): use warm water for diluting the watercolors. the paintbrush strokes will not only color the snow but also melt it.

How on Earth did I not think of that already BEFORE the activity? I'll remember these for next time. Enjoy!

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  1. How fun! We're supposed to get yet another snow storm this week, this will be fun to do in (hopefully) our last snow of the season!

    1. Krista, thank you. Enjoy the last snow of this winter :) Damjana