Vegan Muffins with frozen berries

Hi, we haven't been baking sweet treats on this blog for a long time. Let's fix that! I'm inviting you to try out a vegan version of my FAVORITE muffin recipe. 

    mixed berries in muffins

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    Why my favorite? 

    • The muffins are simple to make (always my No 1 reason for liking something, I guess)
    • quick! (a few minutes of mixing in one single bowl, off to the oven, done!)
    • the muffins look adorably cute. (cupcake liners are the key ;)

    But first let me give credits to the site where I found the original recipe - I fell in love with it immedialtelly. It's a culinary blog site in the local language, 220 poŇ°evno. I never get tired of it. One of the main reasons is because the recipes are really reliable. This site evenmade me ditch my old muffin recipe. Yep, found a new favorite and have been using it since last year, on and on!

     What I did this time was substitute some ingredients to make the muffins dairy-free and egg-free, just for this occasion. So let's get down to work.

    vegan muffins - ingredients and recipe



    • half a cup of sugar
      (you can add more if you'd like - the original recipe calls for a whole cup of sugar)
    • two cups of flour
    • one cup of spelt milk (you can substitute it by one cup of plain yogurt or cow milk)
    • two spoonfuls of chia seeds
      mixed with 6 spoonfuls of water (mix and put it aside for 10 minutes) - you can use two eggs instead
    • half a cup of sunflower oil
    • baking powder
    • optional: vanilla extract
    • add a large cup of frozen berries (or other fruit of your choice) - the more, the better!

    vegan muffins - ingredients and recipe


    • Throw all ingredients except berries into a bowl, 
    • mix them and 
    • add the berries at the end. (Yes, THAT simple!)

    Bake for 20 minutes or so at 180 Celsius (350 Fahrenheit).

    vegan muffins - frozen mixed berries

     Now get your cupcake liners ready! 

    I felt these blue and green cuties were just the perfect match for a light sponge-cake-like biscuit packed with healthy berries! I got them as a new-year's present from a friend of mine. (And yes, you can get them in pink, too! If you're curious as I was, these are high-quality Birkmann Cupcake Baking Cups Liners). And now she and her daughter were coming to visit, so what better occasion than now to unpack them and make a yummy treat!

    vegan muffins - cupcake liners

     Since my friend's daughter is allergic to dairy products and eggs, I tweaked the recipe a bit, and used spelt milk instead of plain yogurt, and chia seeds instead of eggs. Perfect!

    I also cheated on sugar, and halved the amount of sugar. Worked fine with me and the kids, as the berries gave enough taste to cover the lack of sugar. Now, I leave it to you if you want to do so or not, either way they will be fine.

    vegan muffins with mixed berries
    As soon as they were out of the oven and safely placed on a cake stand (well, actually after several minutes into the cooling process), our kid picked out two muffins he particularly liked, and set them safely aside. One for a (toddler) friend coming to visit, the other one for himself, off course. Nobody please touch any of the two! 

    Then he chose a third one to eat it while waiting for the friend to arrive. ;)

    vegan muffins - no milk no eggs

    vegan muffins - frozen mixed berries
    Want one, too? Here you go!

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    1. This looks delicious and I love berries. I have not used fresh berries in muffins yet, thank you for sharing the great idea. Stopping by from Wine'd down Wednesdays.

      1. Mariet,
        thank you for dropping by! The fruit I used with these muffins was frozen, but it's totally safe to make them with fresh fruit - they will taste even better (tried-and-tested many times so far ;) Damjana