Sunday Flea Market

If you ever visit Ljubljana, take a leisurely Sunday stroll through the local flea market. You might get your hands on some amazingly cute finds!

local flea markets

This is one of the best events to visit in Ljubljana even when travelling with children. If you want to rest your eyes on the wonderful old-town scenery, a stroll through the Sunday antique flea market will naturally blend into your itinerary - it's happenning right there, at the very heart of Ljubljana:

on the renovated Breg embankment area by the Ljubljanica river 
on Sundays between 8am and 2pm

local flea markets - Ljubljana
Vintage containers reminding me of my childhood from the Yugoslavia times.

You will find nearly everyting in this miniature cosmos of antiques, art pieces, furniture, kitchenware and not-so-high-worth-stuff. Many people come for the many items and memorabilia from the former Yugoslavia (coins, banknotes, stamps, medals, even old Yugoslavian military uniforms and photos of Tito).

local flea markets - cute finds
...beautiful chandeliers...

local flea markets - Ljubljana
... an amazingly cute vintage miniature bike was one of our son's favorites.


And if your toddler gets really tired during the stroll around, you can rely on the free city centre public transport to help you and your toddler to the place you parked your car. They are called KAVALIRS (link). A good thing to know if you are running around the city centre with kids, isn't it?

flea market in Ljubljana

Somebody said it is like walking through an open-air museum.

I love the Sunday antique flea market and never get tired of it. Neither does our kid who always, always finds something worthy to closely observe in all details. Especially on a sunny day like this one.

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  1. I used to love flea markets as a child. This one looks exceptionally lovely!!!