5 simple activities to keep kids busy ... for quite some time

For today, I've searched through my blog to collect 5 simple, no-mess activities for toddlers that will not require much preparation work by parents. Let's make our lives a bit easier, right?

5 simple kids activities

1. A road made of masking tape 


easy kids activities

A great idea to try out, the above photo is taken from one of my earliest posts - and it's a smart way to engage a toddler.
Prep time is waaay shorter than play time: you'll only need a minute or two to stick the masking tape onto the floor. (OK, plus the time you need to find masking tape..). No need to be precise, your toddler will enjoy any version!  (But you'll need to read the post to find out why I didn't even use scissors to smooth out the 'road curves'.. ;)

2. Stacking plastic cups

easy toddler activities

 One of the simplest toddler play ideas - building a tower with plastic cups.

3. Button snake 

easy toddler activities

This COLORFUL felt BUTTON SNAKE is made in a moment, requiring really little sewing skills. It's one of the all-time favorite toys among toddlers and moms for learning buttoning and fine motor skills through play.
If your kid is not a tiny toddler, make sure you make enough squares to work with.

4. Rice bin, several cups and a bulldozer or a digger 

easy toddler activities
 OK, this one can get a bit messy if your toddler is not used to play with rice indoors, but it's soo worth the engagement! If you are worried about that, you might want to put an old bed sheet on the floor before the play starts. We did this during the first year, now it's not needed anymore... )

5. Threading with pipe cleaners.

easy toddler activities

Craft foam threading with pipe cleaners is an early threading activity for toddlers. Have a look at my easy how-to at this site to see what materials you'll need.

I hope you'll be able to use some of the ideas at home. What is your toddler's favorite activity?



  1. I love love love your ideas! I would like to share one of them in my next post where some moms will share their favorite indoor activities. Please let me know if I can use it :)

    1. Marina,
      I'm looking forward to seeing your post! Let me know when it's up and running, OK? Damjana