How to allow your kid a snack just before dinner - one SIMPLE TRICK

'Mom, I want a snack!' - and it's right before dinner time. 


Well, there are ways to avoid just that, and I've tried out a totally SIMPLE TRICK I once read about in an article. It WORKED!!!! It might work for you too, so here it is:


What can follow is constant nagging and negotiating a way to get approval for that treat - and sometimes we succumb to the requests (To our defense, there are high chances the kid is really hungry and has a really hard time waiting for dinner to be prepared.) And there it is, the kid sulking and refusing to eat dinner, since the tummy is full, off course. A familiar scene? Read on.

Prepare a healthy snack on the table in advance. It's as simple as that. Easy, right?!

The only tough thing there is finding the time to do it REALLY in advance, before the pleading starts. But trust me, if you get hold of the routine, you'll be set for good. 

This way, you will catch 2 flies at once: both refuse to provide any other (unhealthy) snacks AND offer an alternative. I believe there's no use expecting from that hungry toddler to wait hungry for another half an hour... Because that just doesn't happen with two-year olds, at least in my experience.

As a twist on that idea, I sometimes arrange the food on the plate to make it more attractive. Sometimes we do that together. A house here, a puppet there. These snacks have been accepted VERY well! And I hope they can be your solution, too! To start, you might want to encourage your kid to eat the 'windows first' or ask him what he thinks will happen to the roof if the walls are eaten first. Or... you get the idea, it all depends on how much energy you've got left at the moment ;)

It took me a while to see what kind of fruit or vegetables will be attractive enough to attract the hungry tummy. (You can see from the photos what works at our place.) But it's so often that a simple apple cut in quarters will do the trick. And what's great about it is that you can make it a routine and invite your toddler to prepare the snack by himself, just providing him with the (toddler-safe) tools and the materials. This post contains an affiliate link, meaning I may receive a commission at no cost to you when you choose to purchase something using the link. Thanks for your support.

It has worked at our house, and I sincerely hope it will be helpful to you too. If you lack ideas, you might also want to check out this FOOD FACE dinner plate - so funny and ideal for picky eaters! My favorite is the man with mashed potatoes on the beard. Which one is yours?

Enjoy, and let me know what are your tricks in preventing pre-dinner sweets!

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  1. Very good ideas! My grandson loves when I make him funny faces with his fruits and veggies.

    1. Grammie, that's awesome! Every kid would need a grandma like this :) Have a great day, Damjana