How to make PAJAMA PANTS for kids - EASY TUTORIAL

Today, I'd like to share with you how I made warm, soft pajamas for a toddler. It's a beginner project, an easy step-by-step tutorial with plenty of photos. And - this is what I like best - there is no need for high precision when sewing.

 Check it out!

toddler pajama pants tutorial

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First off, here is why I love making these pajama pants over and over again (and why you will like them too):

  • the pattern is simple
  • the cutting and sewing part easy and above all, 
  • these pajama pants can be made REALLY QUICKLY! And with busy moms, that's what often matters most. Let's get down to work:

You'll need:

  • approx. 0.5 yard x 1.5 yard of soft minky fabrics in your favorite color
  • sewing machine 
  • scissors
  • sewing thread
  • pins
  • some elastic for the waistband
  • optional: a tiny square piece of fabrics to mark the back side of the pants

    pajama pants for toddlers - materials



    You won't need a specially tailored pattern for your pajama pants. As they need to be wide and comfortable, I'd recommend you just use one of the existing toddler's pants to trace them. When I was learning how to make boys pajama pants for the first time, I used my son's favorite sweatpants (wide and comfortable), but unfortunately didn't take pictures of how to do it. So you might need to search around a bit (or watch this simple tutorial for tracing the pattern from SheSaidSew - it's a bit different, but you'll get the point). It worked perfectly for me and you'll see you don't need to be very exact (yeeey :) I also chose to make a one-piece pattern (not a two-piece), because it's easier.

    Or, if you want a pdf pattern, you might want to check this free pajama pants pattern by - it might be good to make the pattern a bit wider if you want the same "wide" effect as seen below.

    (BONUS HINT): when I had the first piece of pajama pants cut out, I also traced it to a large piece of newspaper, so I kept the pattern for more pants. It paid off, I keep using the same piece of this home-made pattern for new pajamas. (Fifth in a row at the time I'm writing this.)


    1) Now, after you've traced a pair of pants, let's get down to cutting: fold the fabrics in half (right sides facing) and cut out two pieces for the pants in one go. You see that the fabrics needs to be folded (either the right sides or the wrong sides together) when cutting, so you'll get two 'mirroring' pieces in one cutting session.

    make pajama pants for toddlers - cut the fabric

    Have you noticed how the legs are nearly as wide as the waist part? Comfortable, no skinny-leg pants. They will be easy to put on and off (making it easier for your toddler to learn how to dress all by himself :)

    make pajama pants for toddlers - cut the fabric

    2) Trim the edges using a zigzag stitch - all around the two pieces. It's important since minky will otherwise fray and you don't want to keep cleaning behind every toddler's step. (Well, I'm exaggerating, but you get the point. Do it - no shortcuts here, OK?)

    make pajama pants for kids - trim the edges

    3) Then fold each piece as shown below. You are about to sew the inseam. The points where the leg starts and ends need to match.

    make pajama pants for kids - trim the edges

    4) Sew each inseam part and finish the seams.

    make pajama pants for kids - sew the inseam part

    5) Turn one leg the right way out and tuck it into the second part, so that the right sides will face each other. You'll get one 'tunnel'.

    make pajama pants for kids - sew the inseam part

    6) You are about to join the two legs together - sew around the crotch curve from back to front (breaking it up into steps: start on the back waist, then through the back crotch to the front crotch and up to the front waist)
    OPTIONAL: You may first want to pin around it (I avoid pinning whenever possible, but I need to admit that pinning will make your sewing work easier.) - in this case take care of matching the edges and the inside leg seams.

    pajama pants for kids - sew the crotch curve

    7) Turn one leg outside in and you'll get this:

    tutorial - pajama pants for kids - the waist elastic casing

    8)Yeey, pants! Now you still need to hem the waist to make an elastic casing - fold the waist part down and sew around - well, not all the way around. Leave a two-cm opening to slide in the elastic band.

    make pajama pants for kids - the waist elastic casing

    9) OPTIONAL: add a small rectangle piece of fabric to the back of the waist part, it will make it easier to put on - to recognize what side is back (here: blue) You'll make it easier both for you and your toddler:

    tutorial - pajama pants for kids - the waist elastic casing

    10) Use a safety pin to guide the elastic band into the casing and when the elastic is inserted, bind the two ends together (I sew them together, but you can also just tie the two ends).

    tutorial - pajama pants for kids - the waist

    11) Aaand DONE!

    how to make pajama pants for kids - finished pants

     At the moment I'm writing this, my kid has started using a fifth pair of pajama pants that I made using this pattern. You may think I quite like it, and you're right! Now, give it a try yourself and let me know how it went!

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    easy kids pajama pants and a toddler bandana bib

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    1. I've only ever sewn simple projects, pillows, curtains... not clothes. But these look easy enough I think I'll try it, my son has a pair he loves that are rapidly wearing out, hopefully I can replicate them!

      1. Krista, yes, please do try it out! This is how I started out too, from simple projects to clothes. Once you start, you won't want to stop, as it is much easier than you thought in the first place. Happy sewing, Krista! Damjana

    2. I always add something at the back to show kids which way to put them on. As always, Damjana, an easy to follow tutorial.