Facebook - How much do you REALLY get to see?

In short, even if you liked my page and I post regularly for you, you get to see less and less of AppleGreen Cottage's posts on your Facebook.

You know Facebook on average probably shows you less than 10% of the stuff you think you are following? Some are talking it's even getting closer to 5%. Meaning if I post 10 DIY tutorials and you follow me, you might get to see one or - none? Read on...

About Facebook and about how much you REALLY get to see

I must admit,
I don't usually write about the behind-the scenes of blogging as this is not the main purpose of my blog. But this time, I think it affects my readers so it's just fair to mention one piece of stuff that I believe should not stay in the shadows. That being said, this is what it is all about:

I have been REALLY patient with Facebook, posting and liking as I thought would be OK and not spammy, did not start using any automated posting services and was a good girl. Now, it looks like Facebook might not be the right place to go for me anymore...

It is not about complaining about Facebook. Its their website and they can off course do what they want:
According to AdAge, Facebook said, “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time…” And a Facebook spokesperson said, “the best way to get your stuff seen if you’re a business is to pay for it.”
About Facebook and about how much you REALLY get to see
This means you may not receive my content anymore via the Facebook page because it simply doesn’t make sense for me to pay Facebook to send you free tutorials and tips I prepare for you, as I am doing that as a hobby. But I'm still sure that smart and useful DIY ideas need to circulate (otherwise, what's the point of them?), so I intend to keep up the work. Just not as much through Facebook. But YOU WILL STILL FIND EVERYTHING ON MY BLOG, just like until now.

So, if you’d like to BE SURE you don’t miss out on all the tutorials, tips and ideas I provide, you should hop on my email list: you can subscribe HERE or by clicking on this picture:

Thank you. I intend to keep up the work and am looking to improve wherever I manage. Ideas need to be spread, especially good ones, right? ;)


  1. It's really unfortunate how Facebook changes it algorithm often. It started as a platform to connect people, and now it seems like their premise has gone by the wayside.


  2. Since the beginning of this year I have not really been posting on there very much - I was doing some paid promotion posts and did not see much more traffic or likes from it. I think that facebook also distracts a lot of my time I could-should spend on other things so that is another reason I have been limiting my time on there the past few months. I also think that people follow-like so much stuff on there it is hard to keep up with all of it or for facebook to put it in your feed, probably.

    1. Kimberlee,
      hi, thank you for your point of view. I too feel that I have been spending too much time on Facebook. It just grabs your attention and it is probably a good thing to know how to limit the time spent there :) I have not started with promotion posts, so I have no experience with that. But I am definitely experiencing a much better connection with my email subscribers, so this will be my primary focus... Have a great day, Damjana

  3. For the most part I have ditched Facebook as a platform for my blog. When your "reach" is just 2 or 3 people, it seems like a waste of my time. I am getting a lot more followers on Pinterest and Google+ so I am focusing my energies there.