Easy Sewing Pattern Storage TUTORIAL - One GOOD Solution You'll Want To Copy

Easy sewing pattern storage tutorial - Following that messy post on two BAD solutions you should not copy when storing patterns, I feel obliged to show you one GOOD solution you WILL want to copy. So, dear readers, this is one of my early 'inventions' to cope with the sewing pattern storage: Nothing fancy, but so USEFUL!! It's a supersized cardboard holder for your sewing patterns. I'll show you how to make it, check it out.

  • zero cost,
  • green (recycling old cardboard boxes)
  • easy and fast.

Still want to make a supersized cardboard file for your patterns? Here comes the tutorial:

You'll need this:
and two cardboard boxes like this one:


1) Cut the two boxes so you get one bottom piece and another one - but mind, you need to leave one side of the box attached to the bottom - see the next 2 photos before cutting!

2) See? One bottom of the box and one bottom with one side still attached. You'll use these two pieces.

3) Glue them together so the (additional) 'side' of one piece will overlap, as seen in the photo below:

4) This is optional: I glued some wrapping paper over the top of one side, to make it prettier. And used duct tape to make the embellishment last longer :)

5) Using an olfa cutter, cut two tiny holes to the front and the back piece of the folder:

6) ...and insert a ribbon into each hole. You'll use this to tie the two parts together.

7) Done!

If you only have a few large pattern prints, one single folder will be perfect. Others might need a whole closet, but I am not talking about that... Yet :D This solution is great for those sewing enthusiasts who don't (yet) own a huge pile of patterns, but could use a smart way to tuck them all into one place...

And one more thing is of HUGE importance to me: it takes nearly no space in my home! (I'm always in search for space-savers)

Now, one more thing: it's good to eliminate the guess work and label the individual pieces of every pattern properly. What I do is totally easy: write down the name of the project and the total No of pieces. On each piece. Even if they fall loose, you'll be able to find them again. You'd like to know which pieces belong together, right?

On a side note, you might need to store that little patterns, for bibs and similar: for smaller items, you can use the clear plastic envelopes or transparent binder sheet protectors - you'll find them in any office supply store.

It doesn't look really large in this picture, but let me tell you this is the largest yellow box I have, and it holds nearly half of my stash of knits. But the folder fits right into this box, and this is what makes it PERFECT for me.

OK, it's not much but it's a good start, isn't it? I hope it works for you too. However, I'd still be happy if you let me know what pattern storage solution works for you. Especially if it's a DIYed version, I'd love to see that!


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  1. Love, love this idea! Super creative, useful and love the word free! I am definitely gloing to give this a try! Hope that you are doing great Damjana! :-)

  2. That looks like it' might work for me - and for practically free it's got to be worth a go! Thanks

    1. Julia,
      yes it's definitely worth to try, and free too :D I hope it will work for you too :)

  3. Oh man, I barely sew, but you have no idea how much I already need this project! So much better than the mess I currently have.

    1. Nicole,

      then it's just what you need too. I know the feeling.. But now I always know where to find that exact pattern I used...3 years ago or so. What a relief, all in one place now, yeey! And happy sewing!

  4. Good idea! I can see how this would save some space in my pattern drawer.

  5. I used to do beading ( a lot ) and had to quit for several reasons. I had some left over plastic storage boxes I had bought at Wallyworld, I think they were called shoe boxes, but the are the perfect fit for patterns. One for mine and one for the kids patterns that I make for my two generations of grandchildren. I also take those flimsy tissue patterns for things that I used often and cut copies of them out of much stronger paper. Butcher paper would be good, but I am lucky enough that my daughter owns a printing business and she saves me the huge sheets of backing that her signs are printed out on. It's very heavy and almost a vinyl, stands up to anything. I used file folders to put my copied patterns in and guess what? they fit perfectly sideways in those same plastic boxes!! :)

    1. Judy,

      that's a great idea, thanks! (What a challenge it is sometimes to get all the pattern stuff tucked away in such a way that are able to find it right when you need it again - at least to me it was! Happy sewing!