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Time for your FREE PRINTABLES again! By now, I believe you've made yourself familiar with the free printables series on my blog. If not, help yourself to get the first two in the series: free printables - FRUIT, and free printables - VEGGIES. Now, the third free printable comes along:

You have most probably already found the time to print out the first two sets, and your toddlers have been playing around with pairs of fruit and veggies for quite some time. Now it's time for some variation. And it will no longer be food, this time it's various items you'll easily find in your home, stationery or tools for crafting, if you want:

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Just a little help for printing:

  • Open the PDF file
  • Print the page on cardstock.
  • Cut the cards along the lines. 
  • If you have no cardstock at hand, you can print the pdf on a regular piece of paper and then laminate it to make the cards sturdier. They will last longer.
In case you'd like a preview, it's here: the file will look like this when printed:

The cards can be used as a memory game, for matching pairs, etc... It’s up to you! I sincerely hope you will find them useful. I used photos, not illustrations. The white background eliminates 'background noise' and makes it easier for the youngest to use.

And off course, you can match real pieces of objects to the cards, if you happen to have them somewhere in the house. (Just be careful with small or pointy items or scissors, if you intend to add them, and select the kid-safe kind that won't be dangerous to your toddler!)

The 'Collection' is to be EXPANDED in the coming weeks, giving you and your kids more freedom to play around. Until next time, give it a try, play a memory game or two, let the kids explore... And just in case you missed out on these, here are the links to other posts in the series:

Have fun :)

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