How to get 5 minutes of PEACE... with your kid at home (and it's not TV)

Need a minute (or ten) to finish that sinkful of dishes or clean up the mess on the kitchen counter, but your toddler can't wait and would like to play? A little hint: plastic cups.

I'm sure you have some at home, either plastic or paper cups. Now, get them and put them in front of your toddler. He'll know what to do with them right away. If not, ask him something like if he'd like to build a huge tower.

build a tower with plastic cups - kids play activities

High chances are that you won't even need to say anything, off course.

Since M has quite a large stack of plastic Ikea cups in his kitchen drawer, he can take and use them as soon as he decides that it's time for a huge tower to be built. And that is far more often than his parents would think... 

Now go and clean that mess in peace (or finish that cup of coffee) - your toddler is having fun all on his own :)

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