Get your veggies - Free printables

Time for your FREE PRINTABLES again! You'll probably remember that first page of free printables with photos of fruit I got you last time. You may or may not yet have found the time to have them actually printed out, but now another page is coming along and it might make the game more interesting :)

Help yourself to some veggies! Click here to GET your free PDF file for printing:

  • Open the PDF file
  • Print the page on cardstock.
  • Cut the cards along the lines. 
  • If you have no cardstock at hand, you can print the pdf on a regular piece of paper and then laminate it to make the cards sturdier. They will last longer.

The cards can be used as a memory game, for matching pairs, etc... It’s up to you! The cards can be used for any matching or identifying  activities. I sincerely hope you will find them useful.

And off course, you can match real pieces of veggies to the cards, if you happen to have them on stock.

Back to the printables: I used photos, not illustrations, and it's still to be considered a 'starter package'. The white background eliminates 'background noise' and makes it easier for the youngest to use. But next time, expect something with the natural background included...- No-no! I forgot - I've still got two sheets of white-background materials to give to you, but afterwards the natural background will be included, OK?

The 'Collection' is to be EXPANDED in the coming weeks, giving you and your kids more freedom to play around. Until next time, give it a try, play a memory game or two, let the kids explore...

Have fun :)

UPDATE: Click here to also get my other FREE PRINTABLES:

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