How do you cope with questions posed by toddlers? Anyone? Ideas?

My toddler has started asking questions. The famous phase to continue for years, as I've been told. Huh.  

Last time, I showed him several conkers from horse chestnut and then we stumbled upon conkers that had just fallen down from another tree, a sweet chestnut. And I told him they are not the same.
'A sweet chestnut conker ... has a tail.' I explained the difference. After a looong pause.

Nothing else fell into my mind at that moment. Not the obvious
- sweet chestnut is edible, the other one not.
- sweet chestnut is less shiny in appearance.
- sweet chestnut has a different form of leaves
- (anything else)

But no. '...has a tail?!?'

And at that moment it just hit me: I need to learn a lot, folks. A lot. :)

horse chestnut
Before I became a parent, I knew I'd have to learn a lot about parenting, about all sorts of stuff related to baby care and growing up as a family, and certain mom stuff earlier inexplicable to me... But what I didn't know was that I'd have to pay for every. Skipped. Lesson. in biology and chemistry and-the-like. Ugh.

How do you keep up with all those questions when posed by your toddlers? Wikipedia? Google? ;)


Zelena hiška


  1. Ja, Wiki in Google rešujeta :P Razen, ko navsezgodaj zjutraj resno vpraša, kako umremo :P

    1. Huh, pri tem pa Wiki res ne pomaga...Pa tisto o štorkljah, ki nosijo otroke, res po krivici velja za eno 'težjih' vprašanj, a ne? ;)


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