DIY felt board pictures - game time!

A simple but attractive activity you can prepare in no time for your kids: creating felt board pictures. It's too easy to not try. Here's how:

You'll need several small pieces of felt and a larger piece for background to act as felt board.

How to:
  • Cut car pieces from various colors of felt: wheels, chassis, lamps, even windows if you want. (or anything else you might want to make)
  • Attach the felt board to the wall or onto a closet door, 
  • Ask your toddler if he/she'd like to make a car, and the play can start!

Felt board pictures - DIY kids activities

You'll want to adjust the amount of pieces to the kid's age, starting with less pieces will work better. You can add pieces and increase complexity later on. And secondly, the smaller the pieces, the more developped fine motor skills are required. You might want to start with bigger pieces for the first game, and then later add smaller items.

Truth be told, our toddler doesn't care about the felt house. But the car, oh that's another thing! He loves to assemble the pieces and to build it, again and again. And to take it apart, off course.

Felt car - DIY kids activities
When he left the pieces scattered on the floor for the third time, it started bothering me. Something needed to be done, so after M went to bed, I assembled the car myself, putting the chassis upside-down, the wheels at the side and the lights somewhere in the corner. And left it there until the morning.

'Huuuu, mom, it's not OK!' was his reaction, staring at the the mess on his felt board.

Since then, he will put the pieces back together nearly every single time. I guess he figured he can't rely on his mother because she hasn't got a clue how to build a car, can he? ;)

Happy playing!




  1. I have some felt just waiting to be used and a little boy who loves cars, this is perfect! Thank you :)

    1. Alison, I'm happy my post gave you another idea for play. :) Damjana

  2. My daughter would love this! She's really into felt right now. I love the simplicity of it.

    1. Tiffiny, thanks for your comment. And I agree, the simplest ideas are often the best :) Damjana