My top 5 sewing tutorials - green and blue

Why on earth am I surprised each time when I run out of green and blue thread!?

I have a confession to make: It seems I've fallen into a trap of selecting the same fabric colors over and over again. It wasn't on purpose. I usually just grab some fabrics when starting a new project without even thinking. And more often than not, it's been these two colors. Oh, I've got other fabrics in my stash, beautiful pinks and yellows and whites pastel hues and floral patterns...but somehow they've been neglected. I'll try to correct that in the future ;)

top 5 sewing tutorials

Confessions aside, I need to go shopping for green and blue sewing thread. Again. But in the meantime, I'm offering you a peek into my 5 favorite tutorials I've made in green and blue color. Do you remember any of them?

1) Sew a notebook Tutorial:

tutorial - sew a notebook
SEW A NOTEBOOK - tutorial here
2) A soft baby toy - Tutorial:
sew a soft ball
A soft baby toy - tutorial here

3) How to add a crumb catcher pocket to a bib - Tutorial:

How to add a crumb catcher pocket to any bib. Easier than you think!
Easier than you think. Tutorial here.

  4) How to sew a cute hat - Tutorial:
Tutorial - how to sew a cute bucket hat
SEW A CUTE HAT - tutorial here.

 4) How to repair a shade sail - Tutorial: 
How to repair a shade sail.
How to repair a shade sail. Tutorial here.
... to mention only some of my latest 'green and blue' projects :)

Now a poll please. I'd love if you drop me a comment and tell me which one of the five tutorials above is your favorite!


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