DIY - twisted cord

...what happens to thick sewing yarn in various colors, bought by mistake?
(Again) nothing, for a long time.

...if it wasn't for these drawstring bags that needed some cords on top. I tried it and ended up with several meters of nicely twisted cord. I used 5 threads each time, and luckily, it went quite well.

My mom taught me how to make the cords; my sister and I kept making them, and used them for I-don't-know-what... Well, then I grew up (not so very much though ;) and forgot all about these. Until recently. 

twisted cords

I thought I'd explain you how to make the twisted cord, but have just noticed that there are many tutorials online already. One of them is on wiki-how, I see it's clear and easy-to-follow.

If you need a sturdier cord, you might want to try thicker material, wool or embroidery thread work quite nicely...  


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