3 indoors ideas - for kids on a rainy day

This can happen when it's raining all day.

Rice sensory bin. Name of the game: digger throwing tiny rocks into the well.

 Loose parts combinations. Name of the game: building a bridge and destroying it (not necessarily in that order ;)

Kid in the kitchen (just like last time). Name of the game: throw the red and black thingies onto the dough (except for the strawberries. He ate them all.)


Zelena hiška


  1. Love these rainy day activities! I love the rice idea, it so different and fun! The berries look great also, the strawberries would not have made it in my house either! I tell my kids they eat so many strawberries they may one day turn into one! :-) Hope that you are doing great!
    Cathy @ three kids and a fish

    1. Cathy, thank you for your thoughtful comment... I see the 'strawberry-nom-nom' attitude is common to all kids? ;)

  2. Looks fun to me! I'm always looking for new or different ways to entertain my 3 little boys on a rainy day. Pinned and tweeted!