3 easy steps to turn any outdoors activity into a fun adventure

How to turn an ordinary walk with kids into a fun adventure

Autumn is beautiful - we are inviting you and your kids outdoors again! But this time, I added a simple 3-step how-to to make it even easier for you.

Applegreen Cottage - A simple 3-step guide for any fun outdoors activity

A simple 3-step guide you can apply at any time and for any short trip to turn it into an exciting adventure:
  • set the destination
  • pack a snack
  • set a task. Ready-steady-go :)


1) Set the destination:

 a trip to a nearby hill / to the nearest creek / a stroll to a water mill / to a nearby meadow or park / following a country track or a field way /...

Applegreen Cottage - A simple 3-step guide for any fun outdoors activity

2) Pack a snack. (off course :) 

Pack a snack or two, bread or fruit, whatever is easy for you and close at hand. Your kid will have to eat something and he or she will enjoy it more while running in the fresh air than sitting at the kitchen table. In fact, even picky eaters might get so involved in the nature to accept whatever is on the plate. Or in the hand, for that matter :) And don't forget to bring along a bottle of water.

Applegreen Cottage - A simple 3-step guide for any fun outdoors activity - step 2 -snack

3) Choose a task or a theme: 

a scavenger hunt - choose a theme: fall / forest treasures / the most interesting rocks / the most colorful tree leaves / meadow flowers / ...

Discuss the task with your kids on the go. There are limitless possibilities, as is kid's imagination :)
Your kids will probably want to take the treasures home. Be prepared and have a basket or a bag at hand. 

Applegreen Cottage - fall scavenger hunt

What are your favorite destinations and places to go with children? Where do they prefer to go? Drop me a comment, let's collect more ideas!



  1. Little adventures are always fun for kids! I love your beautiful photos too! :)

  2. I agree #2 Snacks are most important! Doesn't food always solve any problem? My handbag is a kiddy snackbar ;) Thanks for this post. It's a good reminder that I can always do these simple things wherever I go, doesn't have to be anything special. Just gotta pack a handy-dandy picnic blanket, a foldable baggie, and always some snacks.

  3. This is great. I can't wait for my kids to be a little older so we can do this kind of fun stuff. My 1 year old is just a little too small but I think next year we will be able to.