5 Pumpkin Kids Activities You Won't Want To Miss

Pumpkin kids activities. Take a look at these 5 amazingly easy and inviting pumpkin activities for kids this fall. Your kids (and you) will love them!
pumpkin kids activities

I got my hands on several beautiful orange pumpkins. And within minutes, off I went straight to Pinterest to check for some ideas on what to do with them. And you know what? There's tons of amazing ideas for pumpkin kids activities. Of course.

I figured these ideas I borrowed from the web might come in handy to somebody else who doesn't have too much time on their hands... So here they are, just a few of my favorite activities for kids to do with pumpkins. And admittedly, I would probably not have thought of any of these, was it not for Pinterest.

Pumpkin Kids Activities 

The first idea that caught my attention was this inviting fall sensory bin, lovingly prepared by Amy at Wildflower Ramblings. It caught my eyes immediately, so inviting with its warm and the plentiful fall colors...
pumpkin kids activities and pumpkin sensory bin
Wildflower Ramblings: fall sensory bin

And what about simply throwing a few pumpkins into the sandbox in a back yard for a lively hide-and-seek play, just like these kids did at Two-daloo ?

pumpkin kids activities
Pumpkins in the sandbox by Two-Daloo

More often than not, a child's play is also about integration of practical life skills, as nicely presented by Amy at Crunchy and Green - an activity as simple as washing pumpkins could go a long way... (and the cute kid reminds me of a certain boy out there in a London kindergarten - hi, Ben)

pumpkin kids activities
Crunchy and Green: washing pumpkins

And when you decide to use the pumpkins, there will certainly be some seeds left. Don't throw them away, use them to make colored pumpkin seeds for play, just as Tricia from 2big2little (edited: sorry, link not live any longer) did:

pumpkin kids activities
2big2little: Coloured pumpkin seeds

How about a classic pumpkin pie playdough by Kristin at Homespun-with-love? She even added a playdough recipe and a detailed how-to so you might want to check it out:

pumpkin kids activities and pumpkin playdough
Homespun with love: pumpkin pie playdough

And let's not forget, kids get hungry while playing and you might just want to check this delicious autumn pumpkin treat that Cathy has made at Three kids and a fish. And she's good at it!

pumpkin cheesescake for kids
Three kids and a fish: pumpkin cheesecake bars

And what would YOU choose to do with a bunch of fall pumpkins? Let me know, I'm eager to test more ideas!!!

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  1. Thank you kindly for featuring our Pumpkin Playdough!

    1. Kristin, you're welcome. I found your post adorable and wanted to spread the word :)

  2. Damjana, thank you very much for featuring my pumpkin cheesecake bars! I truly appreciate it! This is a really great round up! :-)

    1. Cathy, thanks. Always a pleasure to see you here :)

  3. I love the pumpkin seeds, we have been collecting melon seeds to make into fairy food but i never thought to colour it too. Thank you for sharing your creafts with me on Country Kids

  4. Hi, I'm a first time visitor popping over via Country Kids. I love your blog :-)
    I plan on making pumpkin soup for the children's lunches. I will colour the seeds rather than throwing them away after seeing this post.

    1. Louisa, I'm glad you liked the post. We are all learning new things all along :)

  5. Great idea - I have never thought to colour pumpkin seeds before it's a fantastic idea.