Sponge cake - with a toddler's help

A simple sponge cake like this one can mean one really happy afternoon. Especially if you don't care so much about some yolk or whipped cream ending up on the kitchen backsplash. Or elsewhere :)

The child can take part either in baking the sponge cake (Step 1) or only in decorating it (Step 2). It's fine either way.

Step one...

 ...is baking a sponge cake. I suggest you prepare all ingredients in advance so it will be easier to enjoy the process.
I'm really bad at exact following of recipes, but this one is simple as ...cake. I'm sure you've got it covered, the ingredients and all, but for those who want to hear my version the recipe, it's here.

sponge cake - with a toddler's help

M mixed the egg whites and then the yolks. Much will be left to imagination because I only managed to take one single photo during step one - I was too busy catching the egg whites while M was crushing raw eggs into the bowl all by himself... And negotiating the amount of heaped spoons of flour to be dragged by the "bulldozer" (=the spoon in his hand) into the mixture. Even a pinch of salt ended there (no harm done) because he is used to do so with some other recipe... And a tiny bit of coconut flour.

You can then use the baking time to clean up some of the mess on the kitchen counter, while the kid is running around, playing with something else for the time. (hopefully ;)

Step two

... is adding a mid layer of whipped cream and fruit. It is a cleaner activity by far, so you can really enjoy it and make tons of photos of your little angel...

sponge cake - whipped cream
... smearing whipped cream all over the bottom half of the sponge cake ...

sponge cake - whipped cream and blueberries
... adding blueberries if so desired... 

sponge cake - whipped cream and blueberries
... and more blueberries ...

sponge cake - whipped cream and blueberries and topping
... and adding the 'final touch' - pieces of other fruit on the upper layer to 'make the cake pretty'...

Don't worry about the looks. It's the process that matters to the toddler. Make him or her feel proud of what has been accomplished. It is a big deal to a tiny child. Enjoy!

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  1. Uau Damjana, lepo si prenovila blog! Krasno izgleda! In tale tortica tudi;)

    1. Tale torta je bila narejena za tatijev rojstni dan. In off-topic glede izgleda... učim se tudi od mojstric ;) Me pa je tisto ponoči narejeno živo zeleno ozadje ob jutranji kavici preveč zbodlo v oči, pa bom pustila do jutri še tole "f9-belo" ozadje na headerju...Samo da moram zdaj še tabe pod headerjem spremenit, ker ne grejo k novi sliki... Kaj pa je tebi bolj všeč?

    2. :) Joj tale z belim je milijonkrat boljši. Tisti z zelenim ozadjem je bil mogoče res preveč vpadljiv, tale je pa perfect. Hecno ubistvu, ker se mi je, preden si spremenila na belo, tisti zdel kul, ampak tale pa zmaga!! ;)

    3. Ja, tudi meni se vsaka najnovejša verzija zdi najboljša (samo da po 20 verzijah v enem večeru v moji glavi res ni več niti sledu o objektivnosti) :))

    4. Haha, ja podobno se tudi jaz počutim, ko kej spremenim dizajn:)

  2. You COULD have used the egg clean up tip! Well, at least you'll know what to do whenever you two cook in the future.

    1. Noreen, you're right. I'll remember it for next time :)