Rainbow pebbles for letters

Another fun outdoors activity: painting pebbles using watercolors. It's simple, fun and does not require cleaning afterwards ;)

Make colorful letters out of rainbow pebbles. A fun outdoors activity for kids for the summer!

What you'll need are watercolors, water and a brush or two. And getting pebbles shouldn't be a problem. After the pebbles have dried, you can use them to make letters.

painting pebbles using watercolors

We started together with the toddler, but then I caught myself enjoying it so much I didn't stop when M wandered away to some other (truck-related) activity. He did though show interest again when I said we'd make letters out of pebbles.

What we got was a colorful A, and an even more colorful M. I didn't manage to take a photo of the letters, but it's easy to imagine. Afterwards, a friend of his got a beautiful blue letter T.

rainbow pebbles using watercolors

Though letters usually do not yet mean anything to two-year olds. :) It is basically construction work, just like with other materials. We could just as easily have made circles, or squares, or any other forms using pebbles. (I'm sure he'd love to make a truck out of them :) Go, try it out!

They would also make a wonderful addition to a tiny fairy garden, wouldn't they?

And those of you who have kids around the age for writing and reading, go use this as a kickoff exercise to start the new school year. It will be more fun!
rainbow pebbles

If your kids love spending time outdoors (and you want to save yourself cleaning after kids activities), you'll love this other kids activity we tried out in our backyard this spring: making beautiful natural paintbrushes. Look how lovely they have turned out!

making beautiful natural paintbrushes

Oh, there's one more thing to mention: this was a kids activity, and my toddler was only 2 years old, so I didn't dare using any other type of paint. It was watercolors, yes, and yes, they were a one-time thing. Rain slowly washed them away. If you, however, are looking for a more permanent decoration for, say, your backyard, make sure to use acryllic paint. It will last through the rain, too!




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