How-To: drawstring bags

What happens when you buy some synthetic fiber organza?
With me, nothing for many years.

You know, one of those purchases you make during the winter to make you feel warmer? Yep, one of those :) It found a home in my closet, just laying there for no less than 7 years.
A few days ago I finally decided to make a good use of it. Me and my Elna, we sat down together and kept sewing, kept sewing ... little drawstring bags. I found a tutorial here and altered the procedure just a tiny little bit.

See-through drawstring bags DIY
 Now, I won't allow these to sit in the closet for another 7 years. So I guess I need to make some presents to go with them... ;)

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  1. Cute!
    I am a very very new seamstress and I totally appreciate this post:)

    1. Very kind of you to say that. And Kim, when you sew these bags yourself, come back to this blog (there will soon be a new post linked to this one that will certainly be useful to you ;)