Guatemalan worry dolls - an idea for kids activities

Do you know the tiny Guatemalan worry dolls? If you happen to have them and if your toddler has stopped putting everything into his or her mouth, well, go ahead. Offer them to your child and get ready to observe some of the most precise pincer grasps in the world :)

I got them as a present from my sister, ages ago. Recently, M rediscovered the tiny people (during a successful dive into one of my drawers :) and he seems to love them. He picks each individual one from the box, places them into other tiny boxes or attempts to rearrange them in lines (I wonder where he got that from?)

He seems to genuinely care about them. Last time he even asked me to draw tiny beds, so they could go to sleep. I doodled some on a piece of paper and he helped - do you notice the additional lines all across the paper? Touched by the gentle and precise movements of his hands (pincer grasp, yes :) and the concentrated look on his face, I couldn't wait for an improved version of the activity (let alone the unsightly doodling of mine) - I just grabbed my camera and took these photos.

 A totally new way of using the Guatemalan worry dolls, isn't it? :) Go ahead and try out this activity. And let me know how it went, please!


Zelena hiöka

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