Bread - kids in the kitchen

Does your kitchen oven look deserted? No need to. What you do need is some flour, yeast, a pinch of salt and water. And a helping hand from your busy play dough-loving toddler who will certainly be happy to jump in and this time make some real food - bread.

home made bread - kids in the kitchen

Kids love doing real stuff. Our toddler grabs his red apron whenever he notices that something is going on in the kitchen. (Tina, thanks again, you'll notice he uses it a lot!) And then - it all looks like messing with play dough. Drilling into the dough, turning and kneading it, pulling and tearing pieces apart, combining them again, then drilling a hole with his index finger and carefully examining what's inside... 

home made bread - kids in the kitchen

I offered him several types of seeds to knead them into the dough - you can use sesame, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, whatever you happen to have (avoid it if your kid is allergic to that). To make long story short, this can be a fun kitchen adventure.

home made bread - kids in the kitchen

Oh, and what a joy when your little angel gets to hold and eat something he or she made himself!
Give it a try, it is a wonderful activity on a rainy day.

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