Almost fast enough...

Why do I nearly never post about outdoors activities? Oh, we do love to spend time outside, and especially M. There are days when we only go to eat, wash and sleep into the apartment, and life is happening in a park, in the botanical garden, the backyard of our friends' house, a stroll to the city or - mostly - on the nearby playgrounds scattered all around the area. 

It's just that I hardly ever catch the right moment - before I realize that it's time to grab the camera it's all over already. Either the camera is buried under all the stuff in the backpack or - even worse - I've forgotten it at home. And there seems to be a funny rule: whenever I do have my camera ready, nothing happens. The moment I realize I don't have it, there's a myriad of perfect photo situations. Do you know what I mean, or is it only me?

clothespins, outdoors activities

Oh, but last time when we were camping, there were several situations where I was almost fast enough. M started playing with clothespins. I helped him a lot (actually, he was helping me...) as this is still difficult for him. When I finally realized I could make a photo, he was already back to his trucks and bulldozers, digging holes into camping land. As I said, almost fast enough. :)


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