Stacking Cubes And Discs...

Vertical dowel with cubes and discs

If you're lucky and have the tools, you can make just anything from wood. Toys too!

So M's uncle made this dowel and carved out the wooden base from raw wood, we painted it and drilled through wooden cubes and discs that the kid already had before. M started playing with the homemade stacking toy immediately. It was so much fun!

Check out the tutorial to see how easy it is to make this adorable stacking toy by yourself!

How to make a colorful homemade wooden stacking toy for your child.


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  1. Your post gave me a great idea! :D Thank you for an inspiration! ;)

    1. Michelle,
      I'm glad the idea is useful to you. Send me a link/photo if you decide to make one too, I'd love to see it :)