Early bird...

'Muuum, it's mooorning, get up, get up!'

Masking tape on the floor with a bunch of tiny cars is what might get you a few free minutes in the morning if your toddler is an early bird... 

 I used the idea last week and it still works with our boy. He is quite fond of the road in the middle of the living room :) It could have been done much nicer, but it was 5.30 in the morning and I didn't feel like searching for the scissors ;)

And when does your kid toss you out of bed in the morning?

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  1. Tole je super ideja! Še nismo sprobali, pa je tako enostavno!:)

  2. Res je enostavno, prav take ideje rabimo, a ne? Če/Ko boste sprobali, bom zelo vesela fotke, jo objavim :)