A simple way to use felt scraps

Any felt scraps left after a sewing project, like maybe this one? Don't throw them away! Why? You can use them as a simple play activity for kids. How? Read on...


felt fun toddler color sorting activities

You can easily use them to engage your toddler in a color sorting activity. No sewing, no fuss. Just
  • cut two or three (or more, depending on the child's age) colors of leftover felt into shapes of your choice. 
  • Add several containers or bowls or cups - as many as there are colors of felt - and that's it. 
I used plastic Ikea Kalas bowls in the same color as felt, but any other will do just fine. If you use cups of the same color, make sure you mark which color goes into which cup. This can be done either by placing a piece of colored paper into the cup, attaching a clothespin (in the appropriate color), etc.

how to use felt scraps for kids activities

Sorting is one of early math activities that can be used either with materials (loose parts, i.e. buttons, beans, sticks, anything you might imagine) or even in combination with your kid's favorite toys (see one of my latest posts on sorting by size here). 

And it's a nice calming activity - both for you when cutting little shapes and the child when sorting the soft felt pieces.

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felt button snake for kids

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