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Hi! Do you love free sewing, DIY and crafting tutorials?
Then you'll feel right at home here!

meFeel free to search through my free SEWING tutorials (and free patterns), easy DIY how-tos and ideas for CRAFTING with kids. But do you want to know what my readers say it's the VERY BEST stuff at AppleGreen Cottage? It's this:

I'm kind of nuts about easy sewing projects. No wonder! I knew how to sew BEFORE I knew how to read and write, and loved it so much! I sneaked behind my grandma's back to start using her precious Singer machine. Still remember when I broke a needle, pulling really hard on a piece of cotton when I was attempting to sew a softie for the first time. Thanks, grandma, for not being angry - and for explaining to me that we didn't need to buy a whole new sewing machine because of that! (I really was sure it was THE end for the machine. Pheeew!)

So I grew up into a fabric-loving sewing crafter, and now I'm a mom to a 5-year old boy and a toddler girl - and a DIY wannabe who (at some point in her life) realized she had surrounded herself with an unreasonable amount of apple green color, sometimes happily spilling over into these pages. That's how the AppleGreen Cottage blog got its name, anyway.

In addition to being

  • the Content Creator for the blog and
  • an Avid Crafter, I'm also
  • a Savvy Sewist (no diploma), 
  • English and German Language Translator (MA diploma plus 12 years of translation work in corporate finance, accountancy and taxes department), turned
  • Stay At Home Mom of two, 
  • Coffee Buyer, 
  • Family Trips Planner, and 
  • Manager of Lots Of Little Things.
My goal here on AppleGreen Cottage? Make it easy to learn to sew, with a pinch of extra fun and creativity. #sewingisfun

The blog takes more of my sleep time than planned, but hey, everything manageable as long as there's coffee :) I've started adding payable patterns to my large free-pattern collection, which might (some day) assure an unlimited supply of coffee for me, or even cover all trips to my local fabric shop store. Just so you know where the pattern buyers' money will generally end up :)

Feel free to contact me: damjana (at) applegreencottage.com. I love your emails and respond to each and every one!

So back to sewing:... tons of sewing tutorials here. All for you. Get a cup of coffee, stay a while and help yourself to a free pattern or two, and have fun. I hope some of the tutorials will be useful to you too ;) Happy to see you here, enjoy!

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The best earwarmer headband tutorial and 8-size PDF sewing pattern. The smallest 3 sizes (baby to 1 year) are free to download for email subscribers. This perfect headband pdf pattern will add a pop of color to your kids' fall wardrobe AND let them stay WARM outdoors this fall.

Happy crafting!

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