Soft DIY Minky Toys - On Christmas Tree!

Last time, I showed you how to make these soft felt ornaments for you Christmas tree that will be toddler-friendly and easy to make. This time, it's another idea on what you can use on your Christmas tree: it's soft fabric balls. I sew these as toys for toddlers in the first place, but if you add a slightly longer ribbon to one side of the toy, you'll get a soft cuddly Christmas tree ornament.

A soft DIY cuddly Christmas tree ornament, with a link to my tutorial

You can make one, tow, three or even a collection of these soft children toys out of minky, which is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. Just perfect for the cold winter days, aren't they?

A soft DIY cuddly Christmas tree ornament

Do you want to make them yourself? Get an easy step-by-step tutorial for the soft fabric balls HERE (it includes a FREE PDF PATTERN):

What I need to add is that minky is a flexible material and is therefore likely to extend while sewing. As a beginner's project, I'd therefore recommend to stick with non-extendable materials, 100% cotton works best. But all in all, it's not really necessary for the toy to be sewn perfectly, is it? Kids won't mind some uneven seams and non-perfect finish touches, you can be sure about it ;)

A soft DIY cuddly Christmas tree ornament

The incredibly soft minky toy can transform in a moment into a collection of colorful Christmas tree ornaments.

A soft DIY cuddly Christmas tree ornament

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