6 smart Christmas tree ideas - for small spaces

Lack of space? So crowded that even a small Christmas tree would hardly find an empty corner in your apartment? Don't worry, there are plenty versions that will take up nearly no space. Just have a look at these 6 creative and cute solutions:

6 smart&cute Christmas tree solutions for small spaces

1.  Use a chalkboard painted wall to draw a wonderful Christmas tree, like Hazel at A Legg Up did:

2. Julie at Redhead can decorate upcycled an old pallet to DIY a gorgeous Christmas tree. She even prepared a clever DIY tutorial on her site:

3. Simply hang your Christmas baubles on the wall, just like Gail at Purple Hues and Me arranged them. Beautiful, isn't it?

4Hazel at A Legg Up used her own felt toys and put them on a cupboard door in the form of a fir tree:

5. Use masking tape to mark a Christmas tree on the wall, just like Živa did at Varuška Živa:

6. Make a Christmas tree from twigs, like Michele at michele made me did. A little DIY and you've got yourself a beautiful Christmas tree!

Cute and clever, I love them all. What is your favorite solution?

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