What happens if you've got a bag of expired popcorn kernels, a few pieces of felt and a lively toddler that loves to throw things around?


how to make felt fish with corn stuffing

I made these fish really fast and our kid and his friends have had a blast playing a fun throwing game with them! They are so easy to make - have a look!


1) I found the idea on a lovely blog about toddler activities, varuška Živa. The 'TEMPLATE' is so hilariously simple - just draw a simple fish on a piece of cardboard. No easier way than that :) I drew a 6-inch (15 cm) long fish since it is easier to sew when it's not too small.

2) Then use some 1.5-centimeter thick felt - best if it has been stiffened - I suggest against using the very soft and thin felt as it may tear too easily. For more tips on how to select the best felt for these fish, see my post on felt buying tips (it applies to felt letters and these fish alike).

3) Using the cardboard template, cut two pieces of felt for each fish.

4) Sew around the two pieces but leave an opening (1-2 inches) to insert stuffing.

5) Stuff the fish using corn, beans, pebbles, or anything else with a similar structure that you have at hand.
I filled them with corn because I discovered a package in my kitchen pantry with a really old expiration date. However, you may choose any other filling that will give some weight to the felt (whatever bean-like materials you may have at home).

6) Off course you can add details to your fish - for example, I chose to add small round poieces of felt - so our fish have 'eyes'. And if you place these eyes carefully to both sides, you can even attach them using a single (short) stitch.

how to make felt fish with corn stuffing


I made them during winter, and it is meant as an indoor activity to release some of the excess energy children have when confined indoors during bad weather.  Put a large shallow box (= a fish pond) on the floor, several meters away from the child (bearing in mind the child's age and throwing capabilities).

When you run out of fish, just collect them and start again. And again. You may expect a lot of jumping and cheering if a whole group is playing. Join the kids, it will be fun!

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