Lemon Balm Ice Tea

There's lemon balm growing on our balcony and it's summer. Just in time for a fresh ice tea, right?

Lemon balm

M plucked a handful of lemon balm leaves for tea from the herb pot on the balcony.
Plucking leaves from stems is a fun activity for toddlers. I showed him how to rub a leaf of lemon balm between fingers and then smell it.

M was only an observer in the next step: boiling water and pouring it over the leaves. I removed the leaves after 10 minutes and when the tea was cold, we continued the activity together. He poured the tea into a glass pitcher, added some lemon, ice cubes and honey. I prepared those ingredients in advance for him on a tray, just because it's easier to concentrate on enjoying the time with the child if you don't need to jump around and search for items.

Making lemon balm ice tea
The hardest part was (as always) preventing myself from getting a cleaning cloth and catching everything that he spilled in the process of making tea :)

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